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For the Leader of the Opposition in other parliamentary systems, see Leader of the Opposition.
Leader of the Opposition
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Logo of the largest opposition party
Tobias Jozsef 2013-12-18.JPG
József Tóbiás

since 31 May 2014
Term length While leader of the largest political party not in government
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The Opposition (Hungarian: Ellenzék) in Hungary is the body of political parties represented in the parliament which are not a part of the government supported by the parliamentary majority.

The Leader of the Opposition (Hungarian: Az ellenzék vezére) is the unofficial title held by the leader of the largest party of the opposition.

List of leaders of the Opposition[edit]

# Leader Political Party Term of office
1 No image.png János Kis Alliance of Free Democrats 1990–1991
2 No image.png Péter Tölgyessy Alliance of Free Democrats 1991–1992
3 PetőIván.jpg Iván Pető Alliance of Free Democrats 1992–1994
4 No image.png Lajos Für[1] Hungarian Democratic Forum 1994–1996
5 No image.png József Torgyán Independent Smallholders, Agrarian Workers and Civic Party 1996–1997
6 Orban Viktor Portrait.jpg Viktor Orbán Fidesz 1997–1998
7 Gyula Horn (2007).jpg Gyula Horn Hungarian Socialist Party 1998
8 MSZP Congress July 2014-07.JPG László Kovács Hungarian Socialist Party 1998–2002
9 Pokorni Zoltan 2008-10-23 (crop).JPG Zoltán Pokorni Fidesz 2002
10 Ader Janos.jpg János Áder Fidesz 2002–2003
(6) Orban Viktor Portrait.jpg Viktor Orbán Fidesz 2003–2010
11 Lendvai Ildikó 2010-02-20.JPG Ildikó Lendvai Hungarian Socialist Party 2010
12 Mesterházy Attila 2009-12-14.JPG Attila Mesterházy Hungarian Socialist Party 2010–2014
Horn Gyula temetése Botka László.JPG László Botka[2] Hungarian Socialist Party 2014
13 Tobias Jozsef 2013-12-18.JPG József Tóbiás Hungarian Socialist Party 2014–


  1. ^ MDNP left the MDF and formed a parliamentary group on 11 March 1996.
  2. ^ Acting Leader of the Opposition

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