Leningradsky railway station

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For other uses, see Leningradsky (disambiguation).
For other uses, see Nikolayevsky (disambiguation).
Leningradsky station
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Station statistics
Address 3 Komsomolskaya Square, Moscow, Russia
Coordinates Coordinates: 55°46′34″N 37°39′19″E / 55.77611°N 37.65528°E / 55.77611; 37.65528
Connections Moscow metro stations:
Moskwa Metro Line 1.svg Komsomolskaya
Moskwa Metro Line 5.svg Komsomolskaya
Platforms 6
Tracks 10
Parking no
Other information
Opened 1851
Rebuilt 1903, 1977
Station code 060073
Fare zone 0
Formerly Peterburgsky, Nikolaevsky, Okyabrsky

Leningradsky station (Russian: Ленингра́дский вокза́л, Leningradsky vokzal) is the oldest of Moscow's nine principal railway stations. Situated on Komsomolskaya Square, the station serves north-western directions, notably Saint Petersburg. International services from the station include Tallinn, Estonia, operated by GoRail, and Helsinki, Finland.


The station was constructed between 1844 and 1851 to an eclectic design by Konstantin Thon as the terminus of the Moscow-Saint Petersburg Railway, a pet project of Emperor Nicholas I. Regular connection was opened in 1851. Initially it was known as Peterburgsky (i.e., St Petersburg station). Upon the Emperor's death five years later, the station was named Nikolayevsky (and the railway Nikolayevskaya) after him and retained this name until 1924, when the Bolsheviks renamed it Oktyabrsky Station (and the railway Oktyabrskaya), to commemorate the October Revolution. The present name was given a year later when the city of Petrograd became Leningrad.

Thon's design follows closely that of the station's counterpart in St. Petersburg. The monotonous regularity of rustication and pilasters is enlivened with Italianate details (ground floor windows strongly reminiscent of the Palazzo Rucellai) and an elegant clocktower at the centre (probably inspired by the Palazzo Senatorio in Rome). Even more rigorous is the exterior of the nearby Moscow Customs House (1844–1852), also by Thon. The interior of the station was modernized and renovated in 1950 and 1972.


Long distance from Moscow[edit]

Train number Train name Destination Operated by
001/002 Krasnaya Strela (rus: Красная стрела) Russia St. Petersburg (Moskovsky) Russia Russian Railways
003/004 Express (rus: Экспресс) Russia St. Petersburg (Moskovsky) Russia Russian Railways
005/006 Nikolayevsky Express (rus: Николаевский Экспресс) Russia St. Petersburg (Moskovsky) Russia Russian Railways
009/010 Pskov (rus: Псков) Russia Pskov Russia Russian Railways
011/012 Alexander Nevsky (rus: Александр Невский) Russia St. Petersburg (Moskovsky) Russia Russian Railways
015/016 Arktika (rus: Арктика) Russia Murmansk Russia Russian Railways
017/018 Karelia (kar: Karjala, rus: Карелия) RussiaRepublic of Karelia Petrozavodsk Russia Russian Railways
019/020 Megapolis (rus: Мегаполис) Russia St. Petersburg (Moskovsky) Russia Tverskoy Express
025/026 Smena/A. Betankur (rus: Смена/А. Бетанкур) Russia St. Petersburg (Moskovsky) Russia Russian Railways
027/028 Severnaya Palmira (rus: Северная Пальмира) Russia St. Petersburg (Moskovsky) Russia Russian Railways
031/032 Lev Tolstoy (rus: Лев Толстой) Finland Helsinki (Central) Russia Russian Railways
033/034 Tallinn Express (est: Tallinn Express) Estonia Tallinn (Balti jaam) Estonia GoRail
037/038 Afanasiy Nikitin (rus: Афанасий Никитин) Russia St. Petersburg (Moskovsky) Russia Russian Railways
053/054 Grand Express (rus: Гранд Экспресс) Russia St. Petersburg (Moskovsky) Russia Grand Service Express
063/064 Dve Stolitsy (rus: Две Столицы) Russia St. Petersburg (Moskovsky) Russia Russian Railways

High-speed rail[edit]

Train number Train name Destination Operated by
Sapsan (rus: Сапсан) Russia St. Petersburg (Moskovsky) Russia Russian Railways

Other destinations[edit]

Country Destinations
Russia Russia Bologoye, Borovichi, Ostashkov, Tver, Velikie Luki, Veliky Novgorod, Zelenograd (Kryukovo)

Suburban destinations[edit]

Suburban commuter trains (elektrichka) connect Leningradsky station with stations and platforms of the Leningradsky suburban direction of Oktyabrskaya Railway, in particular, with the towns of Khimki, Zelenograd (Krukovo), Solnechnogorsk (Podsolnechnaya), Klin, Konakovo, and Tver.



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