Line 10, Shanghai Metro

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Line 10
Shanghai Metro logo.svg
Xintiandi Station Line 10 Platform.jpg
Type Rapid transit
System Shanghai Metro
Status Operational
Locale Shanghai, China
Termini New Jiangwan Town
Hangzhong Road/Hongqiao Railway Station
Stations 27
Daily ridership 808,000 (2014 peak)[1]
Opening April 10, 2010
Character Underground
Line length 29.6 km (18.39 mi)
No. of tracks 2
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Electrification Overhead lines (1500 volts DC)
Operating speed 80 km/h (49.71 mph)
Route map
Line 10 (十号线)

Line 10 is a west-northeast line of the Shanghai Metro network. It officially opened for restricted service on April 10, 2010,[2][3] and has a main line and a branch line. The first phase of the main line currently runs from New Jiangwan Town to Longxi Road; the branch line runs from Longxi Road on the main line to Hangzhong Road. The extension to Hongqiao Railway Station has operated since December 2010. It connects the Hongqiao International Airport with the downtown core of Shanghai, and also the dense residential districts of Yangpu and Hongkou.[4] The line is colored mauve on system maps.

Service routes[edit]


Station Name
Station Name
L10/05-3 Hangzhong Road 航中路 Minhang
L10/05-2 Ziteng Road 紫藤路
L10/05-1 Longbai Xincun 龙柏新村
L10/01 Hongqiao Railway Station 虹桥火车站 25(opening in 2020)ChinaRailwayHighspeed.svg Hongqiao Minhang
L10/02 Hongqiao Airport Terminal 2 虹桥2号航站楼 2
L10/03 Hongqiao Airport Terminal 1 虹桥1号航站楼
L10/04 Shanghai Zoo 上海动物园 Changning
L10/05 Longxi Road 龙溪路
L10/06 Shuicheng Road 水城路
L10/07 Yili Road 伊犁路
L10/08 Songyuan Road 宋园路
L10/09 Hongqiao Road 虹桥路 34 Xuhui
L10/10 Jiaotong University 交通大学 11
L10/11 Shanghai Library 上海图书馆
L10/12 South Shaanxi Road 陕西南路 112 (opens dec 2014) Huangpu
L10/13 Xintiandi 新天地 13 (opens Dec 2014)
L10/14 Laoximen 老西门 8
L10/15 Yuyuan Garden 豫园 14(opens 2020)
L10/16 East Nanjing Road 南京东路 2
L10/17 Tiantong Road 天潼路 12 Zhabei
L10/18 North Sichuan Road 四川北路 Hongkou
L10/19 Hailun Road 海伦路 4
L10/20 Youdian Xincun 邮电新村
L10/21 Siping Road 四平路 8
L10/22 Tongji University 同济大学 Yangpu
L10/23 Guoquan Road 国权路 18(opens 2018)
L10/24 Wujiaochang 五角场
L10/25 Jiangwan Stadium 江湾体育场
L10/26 Sanmen Road 三门路
L10/27 East Yingao Road 殷高东路
L10/28 Xinjiangwancheng 新江湾城

Important stations[edit]


The second phase, in planning, is a northern extension of the first phase of Line 10 from New Jiangwan Town to Huandongyi Avenue. This phase will be completed by 2020.

Rolling stock[edit]

Side view of the front car of a Line 10 train

The rolling stock consist of 41 sets of Alstom Metropolis Type AC15 rolling stock, delivered in 2009–2010 and running in 6-car formation. They were made by Shanghai Electric-Alstom and CSR Nanjing Puzhen Rolling Stock Co., Ltd.


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