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This is a list of the Birmingham board schools, built between the Elementary Education Act 1870 which established board schools, and the Education Act 1902, which replaced school boards with Local Education Authorities. Most of the board schools were designed by the firm Martin & Chamberlain (M&C).

List of board schools[edit]

From these sources:[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]

Name Picture Address, Notes Architect Grid reference Coordinates
(links to map & photo sources)
Grade Images of England or other link
Allcock St School †Demolished. Other names: Deritend or Bordesley, now listed as The Bridge Centre and Community Industry. 1875–80 M&C [2] SP081864 52°28′31″N 1°52′48″W / 52.4754°N 1.8800°W / 52.4754; -1.8800 (†Allcock St Board School - site of) Grade II listed IoE, IoE
Bristol Street Board School †Demolished 1960s for widening of the Horsefair road. At junction of Irving Street and Bristol Street. Was used as a meeting place for the Christian Society from 1877 until 1892. [5][6] SP068861 52°28′23″N 1°54′00″W / 52.4731°N 1.9001°W / 52.4731; -1.9001 (†Bristol St Board School)[7]
Icknield Street School
Icknield Street Board School.jpg
near the Hockley Flyover, north of the Jewellery Quarter. 1883 M&C [1] SP057882 52°29′38″N 1°54′57″W / 52.4940°N 1.9158°W / 52.4940; -1.9158 (Icknield St Board School) Grade II* listed IoE, Master's house IoE
Stratford Road Primary School
Ladypool School Sparkbrook.jpg
Now Ladypool Junior & Infant School, Sparkbrook. First M&C school built after Chamberlain's death.[5] The school was extensively damaged in the Birmingham Tornado on 28 July 2005 and lost its distinctive Martin & Chamberlain tower. For damage see [1] and [2]. 1885 M&C [1][2] SP086848 52°27′41″N 1°52′27″W / 52.4613°N 1.8741°W / 52.4613; -1.8741 (Stratford Road (Ladywood) Board School) Grade II* listed IoE
Harborne School
Clock Tower Harborne.jpg
106 High Street, now the Clock Tower Community Education Centre. Built by Harborne School Board (Staffordshire) and acquired by the expansion of Birmingham.[8] 1885, M&C [2] or 1881 J. P. Sharp & Co[9] SP035845 52°27′34″N 1°56′48″W / 52.4594°N 1.9466°W / 52.4594; -1.9466 (Harborne (Clock) Board School) Grade II listed IoE = Historic England. "Clock Harborne  (Grade II) (1343074)". National Heritage List for England. Retrieved 11 February 2013. 
Oozells Street Board School
Oozells Street Board School Ikon 2.jpg
Listed as Furniture Stores of City of Birmingham Education Department; College of Food and Domestic Arts; now the Ikon Gallery. 1878 M&C [1][5] SP060866 52°28′40″N 1°54′45″W / 52.4777°N 1.9124°W / 52.4777; -1.9124 (Oozells St Board School) Grade II listed IoE
Floodgate School
Floodgate School Deritend.jpg
Floodgate Street and Milk Street, Deritend, now South Birmingham College Arts and Media Campus, formerly Hall Green College annexe. 1890 [2][10] SP078864 52°28′32″N 1°53′09″W / 52.4756°N 1.8859°W / 52.4756; -1.8859 (Floodgate St Board School) Grade II listed IoE
Waverley Road
Waverley Road School Birmingham.jpg
Waverley Road, Byron Road, also known as County Grammar School, Small Heath; Hall Green Technical College;[5] Small Heath School 1880–85 or 1892 M&C [1][2] SP097852 52°27′53″N 1°51′28″W / 52.4647°N 1.8577°W / 52.4647; -1.8577 (Waverley Rd (Small Heath) Board School) Grade II* listed IoE, Headmaster's house IoE
Somerville Road
Somerville School Birmingham.jpg
omerville School, Somerville Road, Small Heath, B10 9EN (modernised). 1892-4 M&C [11] SP099859 52°28′15″N 1°51′19″W / 52.4709°N 1.8553°W / 52.4709; -1.8553 (Somerville Road Board School)
Tilton Girls School
Tilton Girls School Birmingham.jpg
Tilton Road, B9. Now Darul Barakaat Mosque and Community Centre. 1890 [3] SP092866 52°28′37″N 1°51′54″W / 52.4769°N 1.8651°W / 52.4769; -1.8651 (Tilton Road Board School) Grade II listed IoE
Dixon Road County Primary School
Cooksey Road School Bordesley.jpg
Dixon Road, Small Heath, B10 0BP. Also fronts Cooksey Road. Was Newlands Centre and Regents Park Annexe & 48 Cooksey Road, Bordesley. Also BCC furniture recycling and Birmingham Community Transport. Now Shah Poran Islamic Jami Mosque And Community Trust. 1880–90 [1][3] SP088857 52°28′12″N 1°52′11″W / 52.4701°N 1.8698°W / 52.4701; -1.8698 (Dixon Road (Cooksey Rd) Board School) Grade II listed IoE, IoE
Garrison Lane Nursery School
Garrison Lane School Birmingham.jpg
Garrison Lane, Bordesley, B3 4BS. Now Kownayn Primary School and Garrison Lane Centre. c1885 M&C [3] SP086869 52°28′49″N 1°52′24″W / 52.4804°N 1.8733°W / 52.4804; -1.8733 (Garrison Lane Board School) Grade II listed IoE, Headmaster's house, No 106 IoE
Dudley Road School
Summerfield Dudley Road Board School Birmingham.jpg
Now Summerfield Centre; was Summerfield Junior and Infants School, Dudley Road, Winson Green; listed as Main Block to Handsworth Technical College 1878 M&C [5] SP042876 52°29′13″N 1°56′19″W / 52.4869°N 1.9385°W / 52.4869; -1.9385 (Dudley Road (Summerfield) Board School) Grade II listed IoE
Barford Road School
Barford Road School Birmingham.jpg
Now Barford Road Primary School, Barford Road, Winson Green 1887 M&C [5] SP044873 52°29′04″N 1°56′06″W / 52.4845°N 1.9351°W / 52.4845; -1.9351 (Barford Road Board School)
Hutton Street, renamed to Eliot Street
Nechells County Primary School, Eliot Street, Birmingham.jpg
Opened for over 1000 pupuils[12] Now Nechells Junior and Infant School, Eliot Street, Nechells. Originally Nechells County Primary School 1879 SP094896 52°30′14″N 1°51′47″W / 52.5040°N 1.8631°W / 52.5040; -1.8631 (Eliot St (Neachells) Board School) Grade A locally listed building
The Broadway Comprehensive School, Aston Whitehead Road, Aston, Birmingham, England.[3] 1900, Crouch & Butler SP072896 52°30′14″N 1°53′35″W / 52.5040°N 1.8931°W / 52.5040; -1.8931 (Broadway (Whitehead Road, Aston) Board School)[7] Grade II listed IoE, IoE, IoE
Dennis Road School
Anderton Park School - Dennis Road Board School.JPG
Now Anderton Park School. Originally called Dennis Road School, Balsall Heath.[5] 1896 M&C SP084837 52°27′05″N 1°52′30″W / 52.4513°N 1.8750°W / 52.4513; -1.8750 (Dennis Road Board School) Grade II listed Historic England. "Dennis Road School  (Grade II) (1396414)". National Heritage List for England. Retrieved 12 September 2011. 
Cromwell Street School Opened for over 1000 pupils.[12] Now Cromwell Street Junior School, Nechells.[12] 1889 J. A. Cossins SP084886 52°29′43″N 1°52′30″W / 52.4953°N 1.8749°W / 52.4953; -1.8749 (Cromwell Road Board School) Grade II listed Historic England. "Cromwell Junior and Infant School  (Grade II) (1407723)". National Heritage List for England. Retrieved 2 February 2015. 

Other board schools[edit]

  • Cotteridge School, 1900[13]

Using source:[3]

Using source:[5]

  • Constitution Hill 1883 (demolished 1967)
  • Upper Highgate Street (demolished)
  • Moseley Road
  • Marlborough Road School 1896

Other board schools acquired in 1891 when Birmingham was expanded[edit]

Birmingham Board Schools
Name Picture Address, Notes Architect Grid reference Coordinates Grade Images of England link
Clifton Road School
Clifton Road Board School.jpg
Clifton Road School, Balsall Heath. 1878 by Kings Norton School Board. Now used by St Paul's Trust.[14] 1878 M&C (or George Ingall[9]) SP081842 52°27′22″N 1°52′51″W / 52.4560°N 1.8809°W / 52.4560; -1.8809 (Clifton Road Board school)
Tindal Street School
Tindall Street Board School.jpg
Tindal Street School, Balsall Heath, 1880 by Kings Norton School Board.[15] 1879–80 M&C (or George Ingall[9]) SP075841 52°27′18″N 1°53′19″W / 52.4551°N 1.8886°W / 52.4551; -1.8886 (Tindall Street Board school)
  • Kings Norton Village Board School, 1878 by Kings Norton School Board.[16]
  • Mary Street School, Balsall Heath, 1878 by Kings Norton School Board. Demolished.[17]
  • Stirchley Street School, 1879 by Kings Norton School Board.[18]

Other schools from the board school era[edit]

Birmingham Board Schools
Name Picture Address, Notes Architect Grid reference Coordinates Grade Images of England link
Camp Hill Circus School
Bordesley Centre.jpg
Listed as City of Birmingham Polytechnic. Built as the original King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys (so not run by the School Board) (used until 1956), and extended with a school for girls. Tower and roof damaged by fire in 1901.[4] Now the Bordesley Centre, run by Muath Welfare Trust. 1883 M&C [2] SP083856 52°28′05″N 1°52′41″W / 52.468°N 1.878°W / 52.468; -1.878 (Camp Hill - not Board school) Grade II listed IoE

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Further reading[edit]

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