List of Tibetan monasteries

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This list of Tibetan monasteries is a listing of historical and contemporary monasteries in Tibet sorted according to the five principal orders of the Tibetan spiritual traditions that have been recognized by the present Dalai Lama, including monasteries that were within Tibetan borders when extant, or were culturally included within the Tibetan tradition. To be included in the list, there should be a Wikipedia article on the monastery.



Drepung Monastery
Ganden Monastery
Labrang Monastery

The three most important centers of the Gelugpa lineage are Sera, Drepung and Ganden Monasteries.


Many Kagyu monasteries are in Kham, eastern Tibet. Tsurphu, one of the most important, is in central Tibet, as is Ralung.



The Nyingma lineage is said to have "six mother monasteries", although the composition of the list has changed over time:

Also of note are:

Other Nyingma monasteries: