List of burials and cenotaphs at the Congressional Cemetery

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This is a list of notable individuals who were buried at the Congressional Cemetery in Washington, D.C., as well as those who are memorialized by cenotaphs. In particular, many U.S. senators and U.S representatives are memorialized by cenotaphs at the cemetery.

Specialized terminology is used on this list. The term cenotaph includes not only monuments that are "empty tombs" or where the body is buried elsewhere, but also the graves of Congressmen who died in office which are marked by the particular style of cenotaph designed by Benjamin Latrobe for the Cemetery. "Congressman" refers to any U.S. senator or representative. A range/site listing, e.g. R31/S44, after a name gives the location of the grave or cenotaph according to the cemetery's location system.

Congressional cenotaphs[1][edit]

Graves of Anna and William Thornton
John Quincy Adams

William Thornton (1759-1828), first Architect of the Capitol, is the only person who did not serve as a congressman to be honored with one of the cenotaphs designed by Benjamin Latrobe at the Congressional Cemetery.

Cenotaph shared by Nicholas Begich and Hale Boggs
Andrew Butler
William A. Burwell
  • Nick Begich, (1932-1972), Representative Alaska, shares cenotaph with Hale Boggs. They were both lost in a plane crash. R53/S123.
  • James Bell, (1804-1857), Senator — New Hampshire, cenotaph only. R60/S101
  • Thaddeus Betts, (1789-1840), Senator — Connecticut, cenotaph only. Name spelled Thaddel S Betts on cenotaph. R57/S114.
  • George M. Bibb, (1776-1859), Senator — Kentucky, cenotaph only. R 57/ S 143.
  • Henry Black, (1783-1841), Representative — Pennsylvania, cenotaph only. R56/S126.
  • James A. Black, (1793-1848), Representative South Carolina, cenotaph only. R55/S104.
  • James Blair, (1786–1834), Representative — South Carolina. R30/S72.
  • Theodorick Bland, (1741–1790), Representative — Virginia; the first to die in office, reinterred 1828 with cenotaph. R31/S48.
  • Thomas Hale Boggs, (1914-1972), Representative Louisiana, shares cenotaph with Nick Begich. They were both lost in a plane crash. R53/S123.
  • Pierre Bossier (1797-1844), Representative Louisiana. R54/S123.
  • Thomas Bouldin (1781-1834), Representative Virginia, cenotaph only. Only congressman to die while addressing Congress. R29/S72.
  • Edward Bradley, (1808–1847), Representative — Michigan, cenotaph only. R55/S107.
  • Samuel Brenton, (1810-1847), Representative Indiana, cenotaph only. R60/S104.
  • Elijah Brigham, (1751-1816), Representative Massachusetts. R30/S14.
  • Preston Brooks, (1819-1857), Representative South Carolina; beat Senator Sumner with a cane, cenotaph only. R60/S116
  • Anson Brown, (1800-1840), Representative New York, cenotaph only. R57/S138.
  • Nathan Bryan, (1748-1798), Representative North Carolina, cenotaph, burial site unknown. R57/S117
  • Alexander H. Buell, (1801-1853), Representative New York, cenotaph only. R54/S157
  • Barker Burnell, (1798-1844), Representative Massachusetts, cenotaph only. R60/S104.
  • James Burrill, Jr., (1772-1820), Senator Massachusetts. R29/S31-32.
  • Silas M. Burroughs, (1810-1860), Representative New York. R60/S66.
  • William A. Burwell, (1780–1821), Representative — Virginia; private secretary to Thomas Jefferson, cenotaph but burial site unknown. R56/S102.
  • Andrew Pickens Butler, (1796–1857), Representative — South Carolina, cenotaph only. R60/S84
  • Chester Pierce Butler, (1798-1850), Representative Pennsylvania, cenotaph only. R57/S163.
John C. Calhoun
J. Pinckney Henderson
John Linn
Thaddeus Stevens
Uriah Tracy

Congressmen buried without a cenotaph[1][edit]

Senior Union Civil War officers[1][edit]




Temporary interments[edit]

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