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During the 1980s, most digital forensic investigations consisted of "live analysis", examining digital media directly using non-specialist tools. In the 1990s, several freeware and other proprietary tools (both hardware and software) were created to allow investigations to take place without modifying media. This first set of tools mainly focused on computer forensics, although in recent years similar tools have evolved for the field of mobile device forensics.[1]

Computer forensics[edit]

Main article: computer forensics
Name Platform License Version Description
EnCase Windows proprietary 7.10 Multi-purpose forensic tool
Internet Evidence Finder Windows proprietary 6.5.1 Find, analyze, and report digital evidence from PC, Mac, and Linux
M3 Bitlocker Recovery[2] Windows proprietary 4.5 Forensic tool:Data decryption & recovery for Bitlocker encrypted drive.
Wireshark cross-platform GPL n/a Open-source packet capture/analyzer, backend library used is [win]pcap.
ILooKIX from Perlustro Windows proprietary v9.0.146 The world’s first Law Enforcement Windows forensics toolset. XFR–Xtreme File Recovery now available for NTFS, FAT HFS, and Extended 4 and 3 linux systems, has no equal in any toolset that exists anywhere.
Paraben P2 Commander Windows proprietary 3 Multi-purpose forensic tool with an emphasis in email analysis
SANS Investigative Forensics Toolkit - SIFT Ubuntu 2.1 Multi-purpose forensic operating system
CAINE Linux free/open source 5.0 Gnu/Linux computer forensics live distro.
Registry Recon Windows proprietary Forensics tool that rebuilds Windows registries from anywhere on a hard drive and parses them for deep analysis.
RECON for Mac OS X Mac OS X proprietary 1.10 Automated Mac forensics from SUMURI.
EPRB Windows proprietary 1435 Set of tools for encrypted systems & data decryption and password recovery
Digital Forensics Framework Unix-like/Windows GPL 1.3 Framework and user interfaces dedicated to Digital Forensics
Forensic Explorer (FEX) Windows proprietary 2.3.2 Multi-purpose computer forensics tool. [3]
FTK Windows proprietary 5.1.1 Multi-purpose tool, commonly used to index acquired media. [4]
PTK Forensics LAMP proprietary 2.0 GUI for The Sleuth Kit
The Coroner's Toolkit Unix-like IBM Public License 1.19 A suite of programs for Unix analysis
COFEE Windows proprietary n/a A suite of tools for Windows developed by Microsoft
The Sleuth Kit Unix-like/Windows IPL, CPL, GPL 4.1.2 A library of tools for both Unix and Windows
Categoriser 4 Pictures[5] Windows freeware 4.0.2 Image categorisation tool develop, available to law enforcement
Open Computer Forensics Architecture Linux LGPL/GPL 2.3.0 Computer forensics framework for CF-Lab environment
SafeBack[6] N/a proprietary 3.0 Digital media (evidence) acquisition and backup
Tracks Inspector Unix-like proprietary 1.6.3 Computer forensics for non-technincal investigators [7]
Windows To Go n/a proprietary n/a Bootable operating system
PALADIN Ubuntu proprietary 5 PALADIN is a modified “live” Linux distribution based on Ubuntu that simplifies various forensics tasks in a forensically sound manner via the PALADIN Toolbox by SUMURI.
X-Ways Forensics Windows proprietary 17.8 Multi-purpose forensic tool [8]
Nuix / Proof Finder Windows / Mac OS X / Red Hat / Debian proprietary 6.0.3 Forensic analysis & fraud prevention software. Full text search, extracts emails, credit card numbers, IP addresses, URLs. Skin tone analysis. Support for ingesting Windows, Mac OS, Linux and mobile device data.
Netherlands Forensic Institute / Xiraf[9] n/a proprietary n/a Computer-forensic online service. [10]
ForensiCopy[11] Windows freeware 1.3 Forensic file copy tool. Copies files in a forensically sound manner preserving MAC Times and generating a log file.

Memory forensics[edit]

Main article: memory forensics

Memory forensics tools are used to acquire and/or analyze a computer's volatile memory (RAM). They are often used in incident response situations to preserve evidence in memory that would be lost when a system is shutdown, and to quickly detect stealthy malware by directly examining the operating system and other running software in memory.

Name Vendor/Sponsor Platform License
WindowsSCOPE BlueRISC Windows proprietary
Volatililty Volatile Systems Windows & Linux Free (GPL)

Mobile device forensics[edit]

Mobile forensics tools tend to consist of both a hardware and software component. Mobile phones come with a diverse range of connectors, the hardware devices support a number of different cables and perform the same role as a write blocker in computer devices.

Name Platform License Version Description
NowSecure Forensics Suite Linux proprietary Android forensic software specializes in automated forensic rooting and deleted data recovery.
Lantern by Katana Forensics Apple proprietary Acquires bit-precise images of Apple iOS devices
IEF by Magnet Forensics Windows proprietary Find, analyze, report forensic evidence from iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile
Cellebrite Mobile Forensics[12] Windows proprietary Universal Forensics Extraction Device - Hardware and Software
Secure View Mobile Forenscis Software[12] Windows proprietary Hardware/Software package
Radio Tactics Aceso[12] Windows proprietary "All-in-one" unit with a touch screen
Paraben Device Seizure[12] Windows proprietary Hardware/Software package
MicroSystemation XRY/XACT[12] Windows proprietary Hardware/Software package, specialises in deleted data
Oxygen Forensic Suite (former Oxygen Phone Manager[12]) Windows proprietary Smart forensics for smartphones
Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit (EIFT) Windows, Mac proprietary Acquires bit-precise images of Apple iOS devices in real time
Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker (EPPB) Windows proprietary Enables forensic access to password-protected backups for smartphones and portable devices based on RIM BlackBerry and Apple iOS platforms,
MOBILedit! Forensic[12] Windows proprietary Hardware-Connection kit/Software package
MPE+ Mobile Phone Examiner Plus[12] Windows proprietary Universal Cell phone and Smart phone Forensics Extraction and Analysis Tool - Hardware and Software


Name Platform License Version Description
MailXaminer - SysTools Windows shareware n/a The tool can recover evidences from 15+ email formats(Gmail, Hotmail, Google Apps, Yahoo Emails) and has a advance search feature to facilitate investigation.
HashKeeper Windows free n/a Database application for storing file hash signatures
Evidence Eliminator Windows proprietary 6.03 Anti-forensics software, claims to delete files securely
DECAF Windows free n/a Tool which automatically executes a set of user defined actions on detecting Microsoft's COFEE tool
SirenTec Windows proprietary n/a Digital forensic case management software, tracking chain of evidence


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