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Programs being broadcast on ETC is a UHF television station owned by Southern Broadcasting Network Channel 21 includes talk shows, dating shows, sitcoms, drama series, reality shows, and entertainment news produced in the United States.

Most of the drama shows broadcast in this channel are from the TV channel, NBC, CBS and The CW. Most of the local programs includes newscasts, and other entertainment, lifestyle, Infotainment, reality, sports, live coverage and others are produced by Solar Television Network.

For the previously aired defunct shows on SBN of this network, see List of programs aired by ETC/SBN.

Programs currently broadcast on ETC[edit]

Local programs[edit]


  • ETCETERA (Season 5) (RPN: 2012–2013, SBN: 2013-present)
  • ETC Vibe (SBN: 2008–2011, 2013-present, RPN: 2011-2013) (a 5 minute segment)
  • ETC Watchlist (RPN: 2012–2013, SBN: 2013-present) (a 5 minute segment)

International programs[edit]


Primetime Comedy[edit]

Comedy Series[edit]

Drama Series[edit]

Primetime Drama[edit]

Thriller and Mystery[edit]

Period Drama[edit]


  • Glee (Season 5) (SBN: 2009–2011, 2013-present, RPN: 2011-2013, also aired on Jack TV)

Reality series[edit]

Movie Block[edit]

  • ETC Flix (RPN: 2011–2013, SBN: 2013-present)

News and Talk Show[edit]

Entertainment News[edit]

Upcoming Shows[edit]

SBN/ETC Previously aired[edit]

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