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The following is a list of television series that are currently or have been previously broadcast by the American premium channel Cinemax, owned by Home Box Office, Inc. a division of Time Warner.

Although the large majority of Cinemax's programming consists of feature films, the network has produced and broadcast, either in first-run form or as secondary runs, a limited number of television series over the course of the network's existence, most notably half-hour softcore pornographic series that are featured on the Max After Dark (formerly Cinemax Friday After Dark) program block.

In February 2011, it was announced that Cinemax will begin to offer mainstream original programming to compete with sister channel HBO, and rivals Showtime and Starz; the channel is slated to develop action-oriented original mainstream series aimed at males ages 18–49. The decision is also in part due to competition from other on-demand movie services such as Netflix and iTunes, and to change Cinemax's image from a channel mostly known for its Max After Dark programming.[1]

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Indicates program which continues to air in reruns on other Cinemax multiplex channels.

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