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The Lushei (Lusei) tribe are one of the eleven tribes of the Mizo people, native to Mizoram in Northeast India, Chin Hills in western Myanmar and Chittagong Hill Tracts of eastern Bangladesh.

Physical features[edit]

The Lushei people are usually described as "short, sturdy and heavy people of Mongolian type." The average height of men was usually between 162 cm and 170 cm. The average women's height ranged from 140 cm to 160 cm. Their skin complexion varied between dark brown to light yellow.

Religious practices and influences[edit]

The Lushei, being one of the major tribes of the Mizo people, influenced neighbouring, smaller tribes, such as the Lai/Pawih, the Ralte, the Hmar, the Paite and the Rangte/Gangte.

Presently most ethnic Lushei tribe (people) are Christian. The major Christian denominations are Presbyterian, Baptist Church of Mizoram, Salvation Army, Seventh-day Adventist, Roman Catholic and Pentecostal.

In recent generations a small group of Mizo have claimed themselves as Jews; see Bnei Menashe.


Though other languages were also spoken in the Lushei hills, the main one spoken is Lushai. Only one language is spoken by the Lushei tribe and it is called the Lushai language. Many of the smaller tribes communicate amongst each other through their own language but usually speak Lushai with outsiders or in public, which subsequently became the official language of Mizoram State of India. Therefore Lushai language is known as Mizo (people) Language.