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Mail Tribune
Type Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) Local Media Group
Publisher Grady Singletary
Editor Bob Hunter
Founded April 2, 1907
Headquarters 111 North Fir Street, Medford, Oregon 97501 USA
Circulation 37,000
Official website

The Mail Tribune is a seven-day daily newspaper based in Medford, Oregon, United States that serves Jackson County, Oregon, and adjacent areas of northern California.

Its coverage area centers on Medford and Ashland and includes many small communities in fast-growing Jackson County. The newspaper also covers parts of Central Point, Talent, Eagle Point and Phoenix, as well as areas of western Jacksonville.

Founded on April 2, 1907, the newspaper is now owned by Local Media Group, whose predecessor company purchased the Medford paper in 1973.[1] It was awarded the 1934 Pulitzer Prize for Meritorious Service, because of its coverage of corrupt politicians.[2] Its sister paper in Ashland, the Ashland Daily Tidings, is also owned by Ottaway.

On September 4, 2013, News Corp announced that it would sell the Dow Jones Local Media Group to Newcastle Investment Corp.—an affiliate of Fortress Investment Group, for $87 million. The newspapers will be operated by GateHouse Media, a newspaper group owned by Fortress. News Corp. CEO and former Wall Street Journal editor Robert James Thomson indicated that the newspapers were "not strategically consistent with the emerging portfolio" of the company.[3] GateHouse in turn filed prepackaged Chapter 11 bankruptcy on September 27, 2013, to restructure its debt obligations in order to accommodate the acquisition.[4]

Daily format[edit]

A daily edition of the Mail Tribune always has at least four sections: An "A" section, Local News, Sports, Life and Classifieds. The size and configuration of the paper varies day to day, based on how many advertisements have been sold.

A section[edit]

The A section of the Mail Tribune is typically 8-16 pages and contains most of the big local, state, national and international news of the day. The biggest or most interesting local stories of the day, and frequently state, national or world news, are featured on Page A1, the newspaper's front cover. These stories are typically continued, or "jumped," on Page A2, which also has the Oregon lottery results. Additional news stories print on pages A3, A4 and A5. The Mail Tribune also typically features two pages of opinions in the "A" section, often on pages A6 and A7.


The Mail Tribune's lifestyle section, features a different focus each day of the week. Tuesday is Healthy Living. Wednesday is the Ala Carte food section. Thursday is Oregon Outdoors. Friday is At Home, a home and garden section. Saturday is Family. Sunday Life features local and national columns and lifestyle articles, along with books, arts and travel. On Monday, a photo page called In Focus is featured. The front page of this section often has several articles that relate to the same theme. Additionally, entertainment news, comics, advice columns, puzzles and obituaries run in this section.


The sports section is either the second or third of the paper. The Mail Tribune focuses on local high school sports, and strives to include national and regional sports news. The sports section front features a selection of the day's top local sports stories. The second page of the sports section includes a scoreboard of national, international and local sports scores and data.

Other standing pages[edit]

The daily Mail Tribune usually publishes a business news page somewhere in the paper. Entertainment news pages are also quite common. The fourth section of the daily newspaper is a listing of classified advertisements.

Special sections[edit]


On Fridays, the newspaper has its four base sections but adds a tabloid-sized insert called "Tempo." This publication spotlights a local event or organization and also includes concert, exhibit and other entertainment listings.


The Sunday paper usually has an in-depth story on Page A1 that continues to Page A3, along with a state government column and column on state lawmakers' votes. The Sunday paper adds several sections to the four daily ones: "Business", "Sunday Life" (in place of Healthy Life) and "Arts & Leisure".


The Mail Tribune's newsroom is located in downtown Medford, along with the newspaper's administrative and sales offices. The newsroom is led by an editor in chief, managing editor, news editor, sports editor, online editor, lifestyles editor and editorial page editor. The news staff includes approximately 17 full-time reporters covering various geographic or topical beats, as well as several editorial assistants, copy editors, staff photographers and freelance writers and photographers.

The Mail Tribune is a member of the Associated Press and follows AP Style, with few exceptions. The newsroom uses Harris & Baseview's JazBox content management system, along with Adobe InDesign, InCopy, Photoshop and Illustrator. The computers run on Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition.


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