Montenegrin Second League

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Montenegrin Second League
Current sport.svg 2013-14 season
Promotion To
Montenegrin First League
Relegation To
Montenegrin Third League
Number of Teams
Montenegro Cup
Current Champions
FK Bokelj

The Second League of Montenegro (Montenegrin: Druga Crnogorska Liga / Друга црногорска лига) is the second top football league in Montenegro. It is headed by the Football Association of Montenegro.12 teams participate in this league. The top team qualifies for the First League of Montenegro, the second and third one contests in a playoff match against the 10th and 11th team from the First League, while the bottom-placed two teams are relegated to any of the three third-tier leagues, to be replaced by the two winners of a three-way promotion play-off, contested by the winners of the three Third League divisions.

Teams Participating 2014-15[edit]

Relegated in 2013/14[edit]

Relegated from First League in 2013/14[edit]



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