Moreno Valley Mall

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Moreno Valley Mall
Location Moreno Valley, California
Coordinates 33°56′20″N 117°16′16″W / 33.93881°N 117.27109°W / 33.93881; -117.27109Coordinates: 33°56′20″N 117°16′16″W / 33.93881°N 117.27109°W / 33.93881; -117.27109
Address 22500 Town Circle, Suite 1206
Opening date 1992
Owner CW Capital
No. of stores and services 140+
Total retail floor area 1,090,000 sq ft (101,000 m2)
No. of floors 2
Parking 6,500
Website Website

The Moreno Valley Mall at Towngate is a shopping mall located on the former site of the Riverside International Raceway in Moreno Valley, California.[1]

In the early years competition for tenants divided prospects between competing developers.[2] In September 1996 the City confirmed that lower than anticipated revenues would result in a shortfall estimated to extend the payback period of the $13m infrastructure loan to an estimated 2026 with the loan peaking at $19.5m. Also, the mall was then valued at $66 million, a far cry from its original valuation of $107 million.[3]

Moreno Valley Mall directly contracts with the local Police Service as well as private security firm for security services.[4]

Major anchors[edit]

Former anchors[edit]


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