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National Assembly
Coat of arms of Belize.svg
Houses House of Representatives
Seats 43 members
31 representatives
12 senators
appointed by the Governor-General
Meeting place
Coat of arms of Belize.svg
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The National Assembly is the bicameral legislature of the nation of Belize. It is divided into the House of Representatives, with 31 members, elected by universal suffrage, and the Senate, with 12 members, appointed by the Governor-General in consultation with the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition. The presiding officer of the House is the Speaker, while the Senate is presided over by the President.


The National Assembly of Belize, then known as British Honduras was first introduced on 31 December, 1963, replacing the unicameral Legislative Assembly.

The National Assembly has the power to debate and create laws based on the Constitution. It typically meets, both House and Senate, once a month, with other meetings called as necessary.

National Assembly Building, Belmopan[edit]

Since the relocation of the capital to Belmopan, the Parliament has sat at National Assembly Building, Belmopan since 1970.

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