Olivia Physical

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Olivia Physical
Video by Olivia Newton-John
Released 1982 and 1997
Recorded 1978-1982
Genre Music video

Olivia Physical is a 1982 video collection featuring the singer Olivia Newton-John and various of her songs, most from the album Physical. A somewhat expanded version of the video was aired as an ABC prime-time special, Let's Get Physical,[1] which was in the top 10 of the Nielsen ratings. In 1983 the video received a Grammy Award as Video of the Year.[2]


From Physical[edit]

  • "Landslide"
  • "Carried Away"
  • "Silvery Rain"
  • "Stranger's Touch"
  • "Make a Move on Me"
  • "Love Make Me Strong"
  • "Falling"
  • "Physical"
  • "The Promise" (The Dolphin Song)
  • "Recovery"

From the Xanadu soundtrack[edit]

From the Grease soundtrack[edit]

From 1978 Totally Hot album[edit]


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