Public housing estates on Lantau Island

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This is a list of public housing estates on Lantau Island, Hong Kong.


Name Type Inaug. No Blocks No Units Location
Fu Tung Estate 富東邨 Public 1997 3 1,664 Tung Chung
Yu Tung Court 裕東苑 HOS 1997 5 2,640 Tung Chung
Yat Tung (I) Estate 逸東(一)邨 Public 2001 13 5,597 Tung Chung
Yat Tung (II) Estate 逸東(二)邨 Public 2004 12 6,382 Tung Chung
Lung Hin Court 龍軒苑 HOS 1995 4 179 Tai O
Lung Tin Estate 龍田邨 Public 1980 9 552 Tai O
Ngan Wan Estate 銀灣邨 Public 1988 4 448 Mui Wo

Fu Tung Estate[edit]

Fu Tung Estate

Fu Tung Estate (Chinese: 富東邨) is located near Tung Chung Station. Built on the reclaimed land of North Lantau New Town Phase 1 project,[1] it is the first public housing estate in Tung Chung. It consists of 3 residential buildings completed in 1997.[2]

Name[3] Type Completion
Tung Ma House Harmony 1 1997
Tung Po House
Tung Shing House

Yu Tung Court[edit]

Yu Tung Court (Chinese: 裕東邨) is a Home Ownership Scheme court in Tung Chung, located near Fu Tung Estate and Tung Chung Station. Built on the reclaimed land of North Lantau New Town Phase 1 project, it is the first and the only HOS court in Tung Chung. It has a total of 5 blocks built in 1997, together with Yu Tung Estate.

Name[4] Type Completion
Heung Tung House Harmony 1 1997
Hor Tung House
Hei Tung House
Kai Tung House
Sun Tung House

Yat Tung Estate[edit]

Yat Tung (II) Estate
Yat Tung Estate viewed across Tung Chung Bay, with Sunset Peak in the background.
Yat Tung Shopping Centre
Man in Nature created by Kan Tai-keung, one of the permanent displays of Yat Tung Artwalk.

Yat Tung Estate (Chinese: 逸東邨) is located in Tung Chung. It is divided into 'Yat Tung (I) Estate' (Chinese: 逸東(一)邨), completed in 2001 and comprising 13 blocks of Concord 1 and Harmony 1 types, and 'Yat Tung (II) Estate' (Chinese: 逸東(二)邨), completed in 2004 - 2005 and comprising 12 blocks of Harmony 1 and NCB types.[5]

Residents of Yat Tung Estate have appealed to the government to extend the Tung Chung Line to Yat Tung to ease their transportation problems. Yat Tung Estate currently has 40,000 residents. They claimed that when they moved in 11 years ago, the Housing Bureau's documents indicated a MTR station at the estate. The residents currently have to take a 10 minute bus journey to Tung Chung Station.[6]

The proposed Tung Chung West Station, of which there is no timetable for construction, would be located adjacent to Yat Tung Estate.

Yat Tung (I) Estate
Name[7] Type Completion
Ching Yat House Harmony 1 2001
Hong Yat House
Yung Yat House
Chi Yat House Concord 1
Chau Yat House
Fuk Yat House
Heung Yat House
Luk Yat House
Ping Yat House
Sin Yat House
Tai Yat House
Ying Yat House
Yu Yat House
Yat Tung (II) Estate
Name[8][9] Type Completion
Mei Yat House Harmony 1 2005
Mun Yat House
Kui Yat House
Chui Yat House NCB 2004
Him Yat House
Kan Yat House
Kit Yat House
Po Yat House
Shun Yat House
Sui Yat House
Tak Yat House
Yuet Yat House

Tung Chung Artwalk[edit]

The Hong Kong Housing Authority established the Tung Chung Artwalk (Chinese: 東涌藝術徑) at Yat Tung Estate, so as to promote public art at public housing estates. It is the first public housing estate to have a large public art scheme launched by the Hong Kong Housing Authority. Sixteen works of art selected from 316 outstanding submissions for the competition "New Face of Heritage" were firstly displayed in the estate in 2002 while another 10 artworks were added in 2006.[10][11]

Lung Hin Court[edit]

Kam Hin House of Lung Hin Court

Lung Hin Court (Chinese: 龍軒苑) is a Home Ownership Scheme court in Tai O. It is located in on the reclaimed land in east Tai O, next to Lung Tin Estate. The court is the Phase 2 development of Lung Tin Estate. It was originally planned for rehousing people affected by the Tai O development, but it was transferred to HOS units in 1999 since the clearance[disambiguation needed] scale was largely reduced.[12]

Name[13] Type Completion
Kam Hin House Special 1995
Lun Hin House
Cheong Hin House
Wing Hin House

Lung Tin Estate[edit]

Tin Ning House of Lung Tin Estate and the tower of Tai O (Sub-Division) Fire Station.

Lung Tin Estate (Chinese: 龍田邨) is the sole Hong Kong Housing Authority public rental estate in south Lantau Island. It is located in on the reclaimed land in east Tai O.[14]

Name[15] Type Completion
Tin Choi House Non-standard 1980
Tin Hei House
Tin Kwai House
Tin Lee House
Tin Ning House
Tin Sing House
Tin Tak House
Tin Fook House
Tin Fu House

Ngan Wan Estate[edit]

Ngan Yat House of Ngan Wan Estate.

Ngan Wan Estate (Chinese: 銀灣邨) is located in Ngan Kwong Wan Road, Mui Wo, a short distance from Mui Wo Ferry Pier.[16] It consists of 4 residential blocks completed in 1988.

Name[17] Type Completion
Ngan Yat House Non-standard 1988
Ngan Yuet House
Ngan Hung House
Ngan Sing House

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