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Sanoyas Holdings Corporation
Industry Shipbuilding, Engineering, Construction Machines Group, Leisure
Founded April 1911[1]
Headquarters Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan[2]
Key people
Tatsuo Nagumo, Chairman, and Shinichi Kimura, President.[3]

Sanoyas Hishino Meisho Corporation is a Japanese company that consists of four principal business groups and twelve affiliated companies.[4] The business groups are: the Ship and Steel Structure Group, the Parking System & Engineering Group, the Construction Machines Group, and the Leisure Business Group.[5]

The company's Ship and Steel Structure Group, builds and repairs ships, salvages sunken ships, leases and rents ships and shipboard machinery as well as providing actual marine transportation services.[6] In support of these and other activities, the company also participates in the iron and steel processing sector.[6]

The company's other three groups— the Parking System & Engineering Group, the Construction Machines Group, and the Leisure Business Group— have widely varied activities.[6] Activities in these fields include manufacture, installation, sales, leasing and renting, repair and maintenance.[6] Additional services in the civil engineering sector include design, supervision and contracting.[6] The planning, design and installation of electrical signs and illumination systems is one of the company's specialties.[6]

The company also has some pure management revenue streams: amusement park management, real estate management, rental, sale and mediation, and additional related activities.[6]


Sanoyas Hishino Meisho affiliated companies
Name[4] Established[4] Capital
mln. yen[4]
Business lines[4]
Yamada Industries Ltd. October 17, 1925 ¥M200 Environmental controls
Yamada Engineering Service Co., Ltd. March 5, 1981 ¥M10 Engineering services
K.S SANOYAS Co., Ltd. December 29, 1940 ¥M180 Mechanical parts
SANOYAS SANGYO Co., Ltd. April 11, 1979 ¥M60 Services
SANOTEC Corporation October 31, 1984 ¥M80 Computer and software
SANOYAS SHOJI Co., Ltd. August 30, 1956 ¥M48 Shipping and shipbuilding
SANOYAS TATEMONO Co., Ltd. June 29, 1972 ¥M200 Services
Sanoyas Security Patrols Co., Ltd. November 25, 1983 ¥M20 Security
Sanoyas Engineering Co., Ltd. April 1, 1986 ¥M30 Engineering
Katoh Precise Machinery Co., Ltd. November, 1961 ¥M64 Robotics and machinery
Mizuho Industrial Co., Ltd. May 7, 1960 ¥M60 Processing equipment
Meisho Network Co., Ltd. July 1, 1989 ¥M80 Leisure industry

The company was founded in April 1911 as the Sanoyas Shipyard.[1] In June 1940, it was incorporated as Sanoyas Dockyard Co. with ¥1.5 million of capital.[1] In 1967, it was listed on the Osaka Stock Exchange.[1] In 1984, the company changed its name to Sanoyas Corporation.[1] After a 1991 merger with Meisho Co., Ltd. the name was changed once again to Sanoyas Hishino Meisho Corporation.[1] As of March 2007, the company had a capital base of ¥2.538 billion.[1]

Shipbuilding and repair[edit]

The company's shipbuilding efforts are headquartered at its Mizushima Works and Shipyard.[7] Here, the company builds bulk carriers and tankers.[7]

The company specializes in the Panamax-size bulkers, having built about 60 ships of this size.[7] The company has been able to build bulkers with capacity of up to 83,000 tonnes deadweight (DWT) able to pass through the Panama Canal.[7] Other bulker designs by the company include Handymax-size general bulkers and 52,000 DWT woodchip carriers.[7]

The company also makes a 115,527 DWT Aframax-size tanker.[7]

As a spinoff of its shipbuilding business, Sanoyas Hishino Meisho entered the ship repair and refitting business.[8] This company works on cargo ships, high-speed ships, ferries, tankers, car carriers, floating cranes, dredgers, and all types of work barges.[8]

The company's Mizushima Works and Shipyard is the company's flagship facility and is located in Kurashiki City in the Okayama Prefecture.[9] The facility employs advanced shipbuilding techniques using computerized and robotic systems for ship building, repair, conversion, and renovation work. The facility has a shipyard, four wharfs, a dry dock capable of holding up to three ships at once, and 46 cranes with capacity up to 800 metric tons.[9]

The company's Osaka Works provides many services for the Ship and Steel Structure group and other groups in the company.[10] The facility has a shipyard, a wharf, and several factories.[10] Some of the resources there include two dry docks and thirteen cranes with capacity up to 80 metric tons.[10] The Osaka Ship Repairing Factory has a shop devoted to maintaining the hull and machinery for high-speed ships.[8]

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Melbourne Star, one of more than 80 Ferris wheels built by Sanoyas[11]


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