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This is a Korean name; the family name is Hwang.
Tiffany LG 3D TV, Jan 2012.jpg
Background information
Birth name Stephanie Young Hwang[1]
Also known as Tiffany, Hwang Mi-young
Born (1989-08-01) August 1, 1989 (age 25)[1]
San Francisco, U.S.
Genres K-Pop, dance
Occupations Singer-songwriter, actress
Instruments Vocals, flute
Years active 2007 – present
Labels S.M. Entertainment
Universal Music Japan
Interscope Records
Associated acts Girls' Generation
SM Town
Website SM Town (Girls' Generation)
Hangul 티파니
Revised Romanization Tipani
McCune–Reischauer T'ip'ani
Birth name
Hangul 스테파니 황
Revised Romanization Seutepani Hwang
McCune–Reischauer Sŭt'ep'ani Hwang
Korean name
Hangul [2]
Revised Romanization Hwang Mi-yeong
McCune–Reischauer Hwang Miyŏng

Stephanie Young Hwang (born August 1, 1989),[1] better known by the stage name Tiffany or by her Korean name Hwang Mi-young,[2] is a Korean-American singer-songwriter and actress. She is a member of both the South Korean girl group, Girls' Generation and its subgroup, TTS.


Tiffany was born in San Francisco, California, in the same hospital as former fellow Girls' Generation's bandmate Jessica Jung.[3] Although both were born in California, the two coincidentally ended up attending and graduating from the same high school in Seoul, Korea Kent Foreign School, during their preparations for debut in the same group. Tiffany grew up in Diamond Bar, California, attending South Pointe Middle School and Diamond Bar High School.

Tiffany was scouted whilst performing on stage in her home country. She was invited to audition at the SM Entertainment Starlight Casting System and joined the company on October 2004 in Los Angeles, California at age 15.[4][5] Despite initial objections from her father, she recalled packing up her former life and moving to South Korea after receiving the permission to do so within three weeks of making the decision.[6] She trained for 3 years and 7 months before debuting.

Tiffany is the youngest of three siblings. Her older sister studied anthropology at Berkeley.[6][7] For much of her early career when approached with the topic of mothers or family, Tiffany would often refer to her father or both parents; on a radio broadcast she stated that she missed her mother who was far away and she had not seen her in some time.[8] However, in late 2009 she said for the first time in public that her mother had already died.[9] She later said that her mother had died two years before she herself became a trainee, and that she is somewhat distant with her father, all of her immediate family living overseas.[10] In August 2009 Tiffany was absent from a group filming in order to fly to the US and attend the funeral of her grandfather.[11]


In 2008, Tiffany was diagnosed with vocal nodules, wherein a mass of tissue grows on the vocal folds due to strain or overuse. The condition gave her dysphonia, causing a hoarseness in her voice as well as affecting the range of her singing voice. After receiving treatment her voice returned to normalcy, but the condition began affecting her voice even more drastically throughout the latter half of 2009, causing her to take a break from activities to receive hospital treatment in September.[12] She also experienced difficulties due to the disorder mid-2010, a company representative stating she would be taking a short hiatus while she was hospitalized again.[13][14] While treatment has been successful, Tiffany has stated that her current voice is different from her voice previous to contracting vocal nodules, although it is not necessarily something she views as a bad thing.[15]

Throughout her career Tiffany has suffered several injuries requiring medical attention. She fell after a performance of "Gee", injuring her left ankle and being put in a cast. Tiffany continued to perform with the group, albeit either sitting or standing to the side stationary.[16] Tiffany also suffered a wrist injury while filming for Let's Go Dream Team in early 2010 and was seen wearing a cast while continuing activities.[17] In August 2010, Tiffany suffered an injury to her right ankle after taking a fall during the SMTown Live '10 World Tour in Seoul. Although not a serious injury, she was put in a cast in order to make sure she would be healed enough to perform at Girls' Generation's upcoming Japanese showcase.[18] She suffered a more severe fall two months later during another performance, injuring her posterior cruciate ligament. Due to this, she was withdrawn from the group's promotions of "Hoot", her absence from the spotlight lasting almost a month until she returned to join her fellow group-mates activities in Japan. The issue of Tiffany's return after injury was a topic of great interest within both the Korean and Japanese media.[19][20]

Music career[edit]

Girls' Generation[edit]

Girls' Generation is a South Korean girl group formed by S.M. Entertainment in 2007.[21] The girl group originally consisted of 9 members: Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona and Seohyun.

In 2013, Taeyeon and Tiffany have a duet of their own called "Lost In Love" in the group's fourth Korean album I Got a Boy. The two performed the song live on Music Bank,[22] Romantic Fantasy,[23] as well as You Hee-yeol's Sketchbook.[24][25] During July of the same year, Taeyeon, Tiffany and Sunny attended Korea Day at the Dodgers Stadium in L.A., singing the national anthems of both Korea and US as well as pitching the first ball.[26][27]

Subgroup: TTS[edit]

Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun formed a subgroup called TTS in 2012, releasing their first mini-album titled Twinkle during the same year. In 2014, they released their second mini-album titled Holler. The subgroup has a different musical direction and style concept from the 9-member Girls' Generation,[28] placing their focus on each member's vocal ability while the latter group emphasizing more on the overall songs and uniformed group performances.[29]

Solo activities[edit]

In 2008, she released two singles with fellow Girls' Generation members Jessica and Seohyun — the first called "Oppa Nappa" ("오빠 나빠", "Bad Boy")[30] and the second titled "Mabinogi (It's Fantastic!)", a theme song for a video game.[31]

Tiffany has also participated in the original soundtrack (OST) of SBS drama Jamyeonggo with the song By Myself (나 혼자서),[32][33] and was featured in a duet with K.Will in A Girl, Meets Love (소녀, 사랑을 만나다).[34]

She was also featured in Oh! My Love to You (너만을 느끼며) by The Blue, alongside bandmate Sooyoung.[35]

She also sang the theme song for Caribbean Bay with her fellow members Taeyeon, Seohyun, Sunny, Jessica, Yuri and k-pop boy group 2PM.

In 2012, Tiffany participated in the OST of Love Rain, in which bandmate Yoona is a lead actress. She and Kyuhyun of Super Junior sang the OST for To The Beautiful You.

In 2013, Tiffany participated in the OST of All About My Romance. The song is called "One Step Closer". The song is a ballad with dramatic melody arrangements and lyrics that include lines such as “Because I can hold you again” and “I want us to walk one step at a time, together”. “One Step” was released on April 17.[36]

Show hosting career[edit]

Apart from all her solo works, Tiffany was the co-host of Mnet's Sonyeon Sonyeo Gayo Baekseo (Korean: 소년소녀 가요백서), along with Kim Hyesung from November 5, 2007 to June 13, 2008.[37] Tiffany, along with fellow Girls' Generation member Yuri, was an MC on MBC's Show! Music Core. She left after a farewell on July 31, 2010 to focus on Girls’ Generation's debuting in Japan.[38][39]

On September 5, 2009, she was an MC for the 2009 Incheon Korean Music Wave with Yuri & announcer Oh Sang-jin.[40]

On August 29, 2010, she was an MC for the 2010 Incheon Korean Music Wave with Yuri & announcer Oh Sang-jin.[41]

On December 25, 2010, she hosted Christmas Show! Music Core alongside fellow member, Yuri. She was an MC for the 2010 SBS Gayo Daejeon award ceremony which was held on December 31 at the MBC Dream Center with Yuri and actor Ryu Si Won.[42]

She was also the MC for the 50th Anniversary Music Wave Concert which was held on March 12, 2011 together with Yuri and Nichkhun.

On August 13, 2011, she was the MC for 2011 Incheon Korean Music Wave together with Yuri[43] and also for K-Pop All Star Live in Niigata which was held on August 20, 2011 together with Yuri & Sooyoung.[44]

On October 11, 2011, Yuri and Tiffany returned to "Show! Music Core" as permanent MCs after a 1 year and 3 months absence.

On November 12, 2011, she was an MC for K-POP Music Festival in Sydney together with Yuri.

On April 7, 2012, she hosted the 2012 Korean Music Wave in Bangkok together with Taeyeon and Nichkhun.[45]

Tiffany hosted Show! Music Core with Taeyeon and Seohyun from February 2012 to April 2013. Their last episode as MCs for the show was on April 13, 2013.[46]

On November 10, 2012 Tiffany, along with Yonghwa of CNBLUE, and Kikwang of Beast, co-hosted the 2012 SBS Kpop Super Concert held at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine, California where numerous stars, including Girls' Generation, Beast, and CNBLUE have performed. She also hosted the K-Pop Festival in Vietnam with Taeyeon and Seohyun on November 29, 2012.[47]

On September 1, 2013, Yuri and Tiffany returned as MCs for the 2013 Incheon Korean Music Wave, which makes it their 4th year as MCs for the event.[48]

Tiffany and Yuri were special MCs for Show! Music Core's 400th episode which was broadcast on March 8, 2014.[49]

Acting career[edit]

From November 25, 2011 to January 29, 2012, Hwang played Carmen Diaz, a performing arts student with dreams of becoming famous, in the musical Fame along with Eunhyuk of Super Junior, Son Ho Young, Go Eun Seong, Kim Chan Ho, Shin Ui Jeong, Lina of The Grace, Choi Ju Ri, KoN and Kim Jung Mo of TRAX.[50]

Television appearances[edit]

In May 2013, she threw out the first pitch for a Los Angeles Dodgers game.[51]

On September 23, 2013, SBS announced that they will showcase a new show called Fashion King Korea which will be a fashion contest among celebrities. Tiffany is one of the 8 celebrities chosen to be fixed members of the show along with SISTAR's Bora, singer Yoon Gun, Lee Ji-hoon, Kim Na Young, Boom, Lim Dong Wook and Choo Mi Rim. The show began filming on October 2 and premiered on November 17.[52][53] She and her partner Ji Il-geun were eliminated on January 25, 2014, ending up in 3rd place.

Personal life[edit]

In April 2014, Tiffany and 2PM's Nichkhun were confirmed to be currently in a relationship since December 2013.[54][55]

In September 2014, Tiffany opened a public Instagram account.[56]


Soundtrack appearances, collaborations and solo performances[edit]

Year Title Song Duration Artist
2007 SBS Thirty Thousand Miles in Search of My Son "Touch the Sky" 03:49 With Taeyeon, Jessica, Seohyun and Sunny
2008 Emotional Bandaid "Oppa Nappa" 03:45 With Jessica and Seohyun
Mabinogi OST "It's Fantastic" 03:40 With Jessica and Seohyun
N/A "Holding Hands" 03:54 With Jessica, Tiffany, Super Junior, SS501, Jewelry, Brown Eyed Girls, Lee Hyun, T.G.U.S
KBS Hong Gildong OST "The Little Boat (작은 배)" 03:27 With Taeyeon, Jessica, Seohyun and Sunny
The Secret, Between Us "Secret" 03:30 Narrator of Kim Dong-wan's song
2009 SBS Princess Ja Myung Go "By Myself" 04:14 Solo
Dropping the Tears "A Girl, Meets Love" 03:50 Duet with K.Will
The First Memories "Feeling Only You (너만을 느끼며)" 03:26 With Sooyoung and The Blue
MBC Heading to the Ground OST "Motion" 04:06 With Taeyeon, Jessica, Seohyun and Sunny
2010 Haru OST "Ring" 03:33 Solo
N/A "Cabi Song" 03:19 With Jessica, Taeyeon, Seohyun, Sunny, Yuri, Chansung, Junsu, Taecyeon
N/A "Cooky" 02:50 With Jessica, Seohyun and Sunny
My Friend Haechi "Haechi Song" (해치송) [57] 03:26 With Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny and Seohyun
2012 Love Rain "Because It's You" 03:19 Solo
To the Beautiful You "Rise and Shine" 04:01 With Kyuhyun
2013 All About My Romance "One Step Closer" 04:16 Solo
SBS Gayo Daejun: Friendship Project "You Are A Miracle" 06:11 With Various Artists
2014 Make Your Move "Cheap Creeper" 03:01 With Jessica, Taeyeon, Sunny & Seohyun
W Foundation Campaign "Talk About Love" 04:56 With Various Artists
Final Recipe OST "Good Life" With Henry Lau



Year Title Role Other notes
2012 I AM. – SM Town Live World Tour in Madison Square Garden Herself Biographical film of SM Town[58]
2014 My Brilliant Life Herself Cameo along with Taeyeon and Seohyun[59]

Television drama[edit]

Year Title Role
2008 Unstoppable Marriage Bulgwang-dong's Seven Princesses Gang (cameo)

Musical theatre[edit]

Year Title Role
2011–2012 Fame Carmen Diaz

Television reality shows[edit]

Year Title Episode Notes
2008 Kko Kko Tour (Season 1) All
2013 Fashion King Korea All (Contestant)
2014 The TaeTiSeo All with Taeyeon and Seohyun

Television shows hosting[edit]

Year Title Role
2007–2008 Mnet's Sonyeon Sonyeo Gayo Baekseo Co-hosted along with Kim Hye-seong
KBS's Champagne Co-host
2009–2010; 2011–2013 MBC Show! Music Core Co-hosted along with Yuri (2009–2010; 2011–2012)
Co-hosted along with Taeyeon and Seohyun (2012–2013)


Year Award Category Nominated work Result
2008 Mnet 20's Choice Awards Hot School Girl Herself Nominated
2009 Mnet Asian Music Awards Best OST "By Myself" Nominated[60]
2011 MBC Entertainment Awards Special Award: MC Division (with Yuri) Show! Music Core Won[61]


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