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United Broadcasting Corporation, widely known as UBC, was the former name of TrueVisions, Thailand's leading cable satellite television operator.


Origin of UBC[edit]

On April 17, 1989, the Mass Communication Organisation of Thailand (MCOT) and UBC (formerly International Broadcasting Corporation Public Company Limited or IBC) entered a joint venture agreement for the provision of subscription television service that was subsequently amended on May 19, 1994 and April 17, 1998, or the UBC Concession. Under the UBC Concession, UBC is permitted to operate subscription television on behalf of MCOT until September 30, 2014. UBC is entitled to provide subscription television pursuant to the UBC Concession to the whole of Thailand using a satellite to provide direct-to-home service, cable in the provincial areas and MMDS as permitted by the Post and Telegraph Department, and is entitled to use a satellite to provide service to hubs in provincial areas and then, through local cable networks, on to subscribers.

UBC launched South East Asia's first subscriber-based television network in Bangkok in October 1989 using a MMDS transmission platform. UBC was listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on February 3, 1994 with a registered share capital of Baht 180 million. UBC began serving viewers in major cities in all areas of Thailand in 1994 by transmitting programs using Thaicom 1 satellite. The satellite was used to relay signals to MMDS transmitters in the provinces. In 1995, UBC launched its DStv service using Ku-band transmission and MPEGII video compression. This enabled UBC to increase the number of channels being offered, improve sound and picture quality and distribute its service everywhere in Thailand. These services are now transmitted on the newer and more powerful Thaicom 3.

Origin of UBC Cable[edit]

On November 12, 1993, MCOT and TelecomAsia entered into a memorandum of agreement for a joint venture for the provision of cable television services. Pursuant to its terms, TelecomAsia agreed to set up a public company to operate a cable television business. On June 6, 1994, MCOT and UBC Cable (formerly UTV Cable Network Public Company Limited or UTV) entered into a contract for the joint operation of subscription television services, or the UBC Cable Concession. UBC Cable is permitted to operate subscription television on behalf of MCOT until December 31, 2019. UBC Cable is entitled to provide subscription television pursuant to the UBC Cable Concession in Bangkok and elsewhere.

UBC Cable began providing its CATV service in Bangkok Metropolitan Areas in September 1995. The service was offered on its high quality hybrid fiber coaxial network which it began deploying in 1994. The cable technology allowed for a number of channels to be offered, with high quality sound and picture and allowed for value added services such as pay per view. By 1997 hybrid fiber coaxial cable network passed an estimated 800,000 homes. In 1997 UBC Cable sold the cable infrastructure component of its business to its sister company Asia Multimedia Company Limited allowing UBC Cable to focus on content and subscriber management service delivery.

Number of Subscribers[edit]

As of 3rd quarter of 2005: 469,097 subscribers.

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