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One who is learning the alphabet.
One who teaches the alphabet.
One who is a beginner in some field.


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Relating to the alphabet.

And what, say, would abecedarians think of Wikipedia ?!

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Wikiphilosophy or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the trolls

But why should I contribute to an article? I'm no expert.
That's fine. The Wikipedia philosophy can be summed up thusly: "Experts are scum." For some reason people who spend 40 years learning everything they can about, say, the Peloponnesian War -- and indeed, advancing the body of human knowledge -- get all pissy when their contributions are edited away by Randy in Boise who heard somewhere that sword-wielding skeletons were involved. And they get downright irate when asked politely to engage in discourse with Randy until the sword-skeleton theory can be incorporated into the article without passing judgment.

Lore Sjöberg

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