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This page is considerably out of date as I have stopped tracking these over the years. See the talk page for a few updates.

This page lists some of the articles that I have written, rewritten, significantly reorganized or cleaned up, or otherwise made a significant contribution.

For Wikipedia project work, see here.


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Articles by category[edit]

Articles in bold are authored or effectively the main part was rewritten. Others are articles with major refactor, addition, or other substantive involvement, but not authored.    Caveats: 1) In some cases stated diffs include minor collaboration by others. 2) Categorization and representation are invariably somewhat subjective in a few cases, 3) This list is partly based on a list from RFA days and may contain some entries I would now recategorize up or down.

Biography (30)[edit]

Plot summary or fiction character (14)[edit]

Animal/veterinary medicine (14)[edit]

Clinical and biological (7)[edit]

Abuse/human rights (11)[edit]

Religion and spirituality (13)[edit]

Politics and controversies (13)[edit]

Sociology and psychology (12)[edit]

Science and technology (35)[edit]

History (6)[edit]

Law (13)[edit]

Alternative lifestyle / fringe sexuality (7)[edit]

Common culture (35)[edit]

Other (6)[edit]


Neuro-linguistic programming series (7)[edit]

Zoophilia series (5)[edit]

Philosophy (3)[edit]