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Hotel on northern Utica Avenue

Utica Avenue is a major avenue in Brooklyn, New York, one of several named for a city in Upstate New York. It runs north–south and occupies the position of East 50th Street in the Brooklyn street grid, with East 49th Street to its west and East 51st Street to its east for most of its path. Its south end at Flatbush Avenue, and is continued by Malcolm X Boulevard (formerly Reid Avenue) in Bedford-Stuyvesant north of Fulton Street. Malcolm X Boulevard continues to Broadway, where it terminates.

The avenue runs primarily through the neighborhoods of Flatlands, East Flatbush, and Crown Heights, intersecting with other main streets such as Flatlands Avenue, Kings Highway, and Linden Boulevard. Utica Avenue is a four-lane avenue throughout its entire stretch, and an important commercial street.

Utica Avenue is served Crown Heights – Utica Avenue (2 3 4 5 trains) at Eastern Parkway[1] and Utica Avenue (A C trains) on Fulton Street.[2] It is also served by the B46 bus line.[3]


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