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The Group is a French ecommerce company specialising in flower delivery. Based in the Paris suburb of Levallois-Perret, the organization is privately owned and led by the founders, Henri and François de Maublanc.

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In 1987, brothers Henri de Maublanc and François de Maublanc opened the first Aquarelle flower shop in Paris. Over the next 10 years, they built up a network of 22 fully owned shops throughout France. In 1997, the brothers launched as an online flower delivery service. Unlike other similar flower delivery services such as Fleurop-Interflora who rely on local florists for the design and delivery of the flowers, Aquarelle design and make their own compositions in their workshops in Brasseuse[1][2] and use the French express postal service for delivery. Today, the Group employs around 120 people[3] and their online activities have almost completely displaced the offline business. Of the 22 shops in place at their peak, only the Paris and Rennes shops remain.[4]


Initially specialising in flowery delivery, Aquarelle began expanding its range in 2005:

- Flowers (since 1997)[5]

- Flowers and chocolates (since 2005)

- Flowers and gift boxes (since 2009)

- Flowers and scented candles (since 2012)


Through partnerships and subsidiaries, Group offers similar services in the following countries:[6] France: Belgium and Luxembourg: Netherlands: Germany: United Kingdom: Spain: In the United States :[7][8][9] In partnership with 123fleurs, the Aquarelle Group offers worldwide services:[10]

Fair trade[edit]

Since 12 April 2016, alongside Système U, the roses delivered by in France are certified Fair trade/Max Havelaar[11][12][13]


Aquarelle has been primary sponsor for several skippers including Simoné Bianchetti and Yannick Bestaven for major events such as Vendée Globe,[14] the Solidaire du Chocolat, the Mini Transat,[15][16] and Transat Jacques Vabre. Yannick Bestaven won the Jacques Vabre Class40 in 2011.[17] Aquarelle also sponsors classical music festivals in Deauville, France – both the “Festival de Pâques“ and the August Festival.

.brand TLD[edit]

Since 2014, Group operates the .aquarelle TLD.[18] Implementation started in 2016.


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