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100 Gecs
OriginSt. Louis, Missouri, U.S.
Years active2015–present
LabelsDog Show Records
Mad Decent
Associated acts
MembersDylan Brady
Laura Les

100 Gecs (stylized as 100 gecs) is an American experimental[1][2] musical duo consisting of Dylan Brady and Laura Les.[3][4][5] The two grew up in suburban St. Louis and were involved in the city's electronic music scene. They met at a party in 2012.[6][7][8][9] Brady lives in downtown Los Angeles[6] and Les is based in Chicago.[10][11]


The duo works on tracks by sending Logic Pro project files between the two,[12][7] iterating songs each time.[13][8] Their music has been called an "anarchic assault on the ears"[10] that "[pulls] conventional pop tropes in every direction possible",[14] as well as "abrasive, maximalist pop"[3] with "elements of pop punk, nightcore, ska, dubstep, deconstructed club, trance, metal, and happy hardcore all thrown into one big internet blender",[4] resulting in "[s]ongs [that] shift gears dozens of times, in a way that recalls... Kid606, or Venetian Snares",[15] also earning comparisons with label PC Music[14][12] and band Sleigh Bells.

In the winter of 2015, Les and Brady first produced music together, recording in Chicago[6] and eventually self-releasing their first EP 100 Gecs in July 2016. Despite plans to record more music, they were unable to find enough time until they performed a DJ set together for the 2019 Minecraft Fire Festival;[7] following that collaboration, they continued to work on songs and released their debut album 1000 gecs in May to positive reviews.[16][17][18] In September 2019, it was announced that 100 Gecs and slowthai would support BROCKHAMPTON on their Heaven Belongs to You Tour[19] later that year;[12] 100 Gecs also headlined six additional shows of their own in various cities along the tour.[18]

Brady additionally produces and records music under his own name, and has his own label, Dog Show Records; both 100 Gecs and Dog Show have been signed with Mad Decent's Decent Distribution since late 2018.[20] He became interested in music after being part of his high school choir and studied acoustic engineering in college for three years before moving to Los Angeles.[21] Brady has said 100 Gecs' style is influenced by Breathe Carolina, John Zorn,[6] and I See Stars, among others.[7] In 2019, Brady co-produced the song "Click" from Charli XCX's album Charli (2019)—Charli XCX explained that she heard about Brady via her fans and "listen[s] to [100 Gecs] constantly now".[22]

Les, who formerly[23] released music under the moniker osno1,[24][9] calls the duo's musical process "[v]ery much almost an improv mentality"[7] and has said that they "try to have fun and write songs that we would want to listen to",[4] adding that "the whole idea of labeling genres is not super important to us".[6] Les became interested in making music as a teenager when she got her first guitar; she has said that she "kind of always just wanted to be a songwriter" and "love[s] anything with a catchy melody".[23][25] She has cited Naked City, Playboi Carti, 3OH!3, Cannibal Corpse,[6] and various PC Music artists as influences.[8] She works at an empanada restaurant and studied acoustic engineering in college in Chicago.[6] She is transgender.[26]

In the latter half of 2019, Brady announced a remix album[27] by the duo titled 1000 gecs & th3 phant0m m3nac3, produced by artists including A. G. Cook and Injury Reserve. Cook's remix of "money machine" was released in October 2019, followed by Injury Reserve's remix of "745 Sticky" in November 2019. In January 2020 in an Instagram story post Laura Les announced that the remix album was no longer called "th3 phant0m m3nac3".

In November 2019, the duo appeared on the Adult Swim web series FishCenter Live and performed the song "800db Cloud" in front of a green screen backdrop of an aquarium.[28]




  • 100 Gecs (July 12, 2016; self-released)[29][30]

Remix albums[edit]

  • 1000 gecs & th3 phant0m m3nac3 (unreleased; Dog Show Records)[31]


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