13777 Cielobuio

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Discovery and designation
Discovered by M. Cavagna and A. Testa
Discovery site Sormano
Discovery date October 20, 1998
MPC designation 13777
Alternative names 1998 UV6
Orbital characteristics
Epoch May 14, 2008
Aphelion 3.1943408
Perihelion 2.6901218
Eccentricity 0.0856865
Orbital period 1843.3747932
Mean anomaly 304.20925
Inclination 1.09293
Longitude of ascending node 269.64558
Argument of perihelion 140.19776
Physical characteristics
Absolute magnitude (H) 14.0

13777 Cielobuio (1998 UV6) is a main-belt asteroid discovered on October 20, 1998 by M. Cavagna and A. Testa at Sormano.

It is named in honor of CieloBuio, an Italian association that promotes studies, technical solutions, laws and regulations to protect the darkness of the night sky.


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