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Works published[edit]


  • Joachim du Bellay, France:
    • L'Olive, the first sonnet sequence written in France[1]
    • La Defense et illustration de la langue françoyse;[1] the author argues that all languages have equal value, and that modern French can express wisdom and truth as well as Ancient Greek, Latin, Italian or Spanish, but du Bellay also advocates adoption of Italianate and classical poetic forms to improve French poetry; he states that it is "no vicious thing, but praiseworthy, to borrow from a foreign tongue thoughts and words and appropriate them to our own"[2]
    • Recueil de poesie, presente à tres illustre princesse Madame Marguerite, seur unique du Roy [...]
    • Vers lyriques[3]
  • Pontus de Tyard. Erreurs amoureuses

Great Britain[edit]


  • Friedrich Dedekind, Grobianus[5] a poem written by a German in Latin elegiac verse; enormously popular across Continental Europe (see also Grobiana, an enlarged edition 1554, and Grobianus et Grobiana: sive, de morum simplicitate, libri tres 1558)


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