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1940 Edmonton municipal election

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The 1940 municipal election was held November 13, 1940 to elect a mayor and seven aldermen to sit on Edmonton City Council. Elections for school trustees were not held, as candidates for both the public and separate boards were acclaimed.

There were ten aldermen on city council, but three of the positions were already filled: George Campbell (SS), Edward Brown, and Dan Knott were all elected to two-year terms in 1939 and were still in office. Frederick Casselman and Douglas Grout (SS) had also been elected to two-year terms in 1939, but had resigned; accordingly, Charles Gariepy and Blair Paterson (SS) were elected to one-year terms.

There were seven trustees on the public school board, but four of the positions were already filled: M Downey (SS), Bruce Smith, R L Sutherland, and Albert Ottewell (SS) had been elected to two-year terms in 1939 and were still in office. The same was true of the separate board, where Romeo Bouchard, Hugh Currie, Robert Tighe, and William Wilde (SS) were continuing.

Voter turnout[edit]

There were 14,523 ballots cast out of 56,225 eligible voters, for a voter turnout of 25.8%.



Party Candidate Votes %
Citizens' Committee John Wesley Fry 8,044 55.62%
Independent Douglas Grout 5,281 36.51%
Independent Lloyd Wood 1,138 7.87%


Party Candidate Votes Elected
Citizens' Committee James Ogilvie 8,790 Green tickY
Citizens' Committee Sidney Bowcott 8,553 Green tickY
Citizens' Committee Athelstan Bissett 8,294 SS Green tickY
Citizens' Committee Sidney Parsons 7,896 Green tickY
Citizens' Committee Blair Paterson 7,571 SS Green tickY
Citizens' Committee Frederick John Mitchell 7,152 Green tickY
Citizens' Committee Charles Gariepy 6,791 Green tickY
Independent Joseph Clarke 4,746
  Civic Progressive Association Walter Clevely 4,044
  Civic Progressive Association Rice Sheppard 4,040 SS
  Civic Progressive Association Guy Patterson 4,025
  Civic Progressive Association E. C. Fisher 3,790
  Civic Progressive Association Elisha East 3,743
  Civic Progressive Association C. B. Willis 3,303
  Civic Progressive Association A. A. Deacon 2,384
Labour William Miller 2,366
Labour W. H. O'Neill 2,069
Independent Peter Glassman 1,287
  Democrat Ernest C. Holub 660

Public school trustees[edit]

Izena Ross, E M Gunderson, and W G McConachie were acclaimed.

Separate (Catholic) school trustees[edit]

Adrien Crowe (SS), James O’Hara, and J O Pilon were acclaimed.