1964 Edmonton municipal election

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The 1964 Edmonton municipal election was held October 14, 1964 to elect a mayor and twelve aldermen to sit on Edmonton City Council and seven trustees to sit on each of the public and separate school boards.

This was the first election since 1898 in which all officials were elected in the same year, and marked the introduction of a system whereby elections would be held only every two years. It was also the first election that elected twelve aldermen; previous councils had had only ten aldermen.

The forty-six candidates for alderman were among the most in Edmonton's history.

The election for aldermen was conducted, like that for mayor, at-large city-wide. Thus the ballot for each voter held the names of the 46 candidates for aldermen. (This record for overall number of candidates was surpassed in the 2021 Edmonton municipal election. In 2021, the candidates were divided into twelve districts, and no ballot held more than 12 aldermanic candidates.)

Voter turnout[edit]

There were 94,880 ballots cast out of 199,259 eligible voters, for a voter turnout of 47.6%.


(bold indicates elected, italics indicate incumbent)


Party Candidate Votes %
Independent William Hawrelak 56,328 60.12%
Independent George Prudham 37,365 39.88%


Councillors were elected through plurality block voting , with each voter able to cast up to 12 votes. For that reason, more than 880,000 votes were cast in this election by the roughly 100,000 voters who cast a ballot.

46 candidates in total

Party slates:

Better Civic Government Committee 11 candidates 5 elected

Civil Rights Association 7 candidates 2 elected

United Voters Association 9 candidates 2 elected

Independents 19 candidates 3 elected

Party Candidate Votes Elected
Better Civic Government Committee Morris Weinlos 55,827 Green tickY
Civil Rights Association Julia Kiniski 54,637 Green tickY
Better Civic Government Committee Ethel Wilson 51,246 Green tickY
Independent Kenneth Newman 49,742 Green tickY
United Voters Association Ivor Dent 45,276 Green tickY
Independent John Leslie Bodie 43,033 Green tickY
United Voters Association Ed Leger 38,747 Green tickY
Better Civic Government Committee Vincent Dantzer 37,421 Green tickY
Independent Angus McGugan 35,322 Green tickY
Better Civic Government Committee Frank Edwards 27,211 Green tickY
Better Civic Government Committee Kathleen McCallum 23,023 Green tickY
Civil Rights Association Robert Franklin Lambert 21,457 Green tickY
United Voters Association Norbert Berkowitz 21,277
Civil Rights Association Allan Welsh 20,069
Better Civic Government Committee M. A. Nugent 18,894
United Voters Association William Orobko 18,519
Better Civic Government Committee Conrad Korowan 18,464
Better Civic Government Committee Jack Holmes 17,358
Civil Rights Association K. L. McAuley 16,567
Independent P. J. Ryan 16,468
Better Civic Government Committee G. D. Newcombe 16,096
United Voters Association Ian Nicoll 15,376
Better Civic Government Committee P. C. C. Marshall 15,106
Independent G. A. O'Hara 13,481
Independent C. J. Primeau 13,034
Independent F. Kurylo 12,458
Civil Rights Association Joyce Kurie 12,417
Independent Jack Kirk 12,175
Civil Rights Association Sol Estrin 12,089
Independent L. M. Campbell 11,930
United Voters Association M. E. English 11,772
United Voters Association A. Powers 11,699
United Voters Association Peter Savaryn 11,679
United Voters Association R. J. Dunseith 10,531
Independent D. M. McLeod 10,383
Independent L. E. Messier 10,089
Independent J. O. A. Peets 9,092
Independent R. Doyle 8,751
Independent E. E. Aldridge 8,403
Independent John Sehn 7,620
Independent J. R. Lakusta 7,386
Civil Rights Association Ivar Vanags 6,357
Better Civic Government Committee Irvin Nessel 6,451
Independent W. Makowecki 5,282
Independent Jan Motyl 5,026
Independent Doug Tomlinson* 4,685
  • Doug Tomlinson was member of the Communist Party.

Public school trustees[edit]

Each voter could cast 7 votes (plurality block voting).

Party Candidate Votes Elected
Better Education Association Milton Lazerte 37,344 Green tickY
Quality Education Council Edith Rogers 37,257 Green tickY
Better Education Association Earl Buxton 36,333 Green tickY
Better Civic Government Committee Vernon Johnson 31,047 Green tickY
Better Civic Government Committee James Falconer 30,482 Green tickY
Better Education Association John Bracco 26,626 Green tickY
Better Education Association Herbert Smith 25,346 Green tickY
Better Civic Government Committee Ernest Hanna 20,741
Better Education Association James Young 19,991
Better Education Association Alice Jamha 19,586
Better Civic Government Committee Cec Purves 16,200
Better Education Association Grant Fawcett 15,217
Quality Education Council Dorothy Preston 14,532
Quality Education Council I. C. Dare 13,893
Quality Education Council Arnold Rapske 12,699
Better Civic Government Committee R. Byrnes Fleuty 12,254
Quality Education Council John Poppit 9,668
Independent William Chomyn 7,652
Independent Laura Tuomi 7,472
Quality Education Council Norman Spratt 6,621
Quality Education Council Arthur Latter 6,065

Separate (Catholic) school trustees[edit]

Party Candidate Votes Elected
Independent Orest Demco 14,362 Green tickY
Independent G. R. Boileau 13,693 Green tickY
Independent Jean McDonald 12,599 Green tickY
Independent A. A. Gorman 12,518 Green tickY
Independent Bernard Feehan 12,336 Green tickY
Independent Edward Stack 12,091 Green tickY
Independent Harry Carrigan 9,626 Green tickY
Independent Bill Diachuk 8,936
Independent George Hertz 7,713
Independent L. A. Ares 6,354


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