1961 Haitian presidential referendum

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1961 Haitian presidential referendum

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Nominee François Duvalier
Party National Unity Party
Popular vote 1,320,748
Percentage 100%

President before election

François Duvalier
National Unity Party

Elected President

François Duvalier
National Unity Party

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A presidential referendum in Haiti was called in 30 April 1961 —jointly with the parliamentary election[1] to determine whether to let president François Duvalier remain in office for a further six years. The official count was 1,320,748 votes in favor of Duvalier and none against. The New York Times wrote about the referendum, "Latin America has witnessed many fraudulent elections throughout its history but none has been more outrageous than the one which has just taken place in Haiti."[2]

Answer % of vote
Yes 100.0%
No 0.0%


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