Iran Air Flight 291

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Iran Air Flight 291[1]
Boeing 727-86, Iran Air AN2176292.jpg
An Iran Air Boeing 727-100, similar to the one involved.
Accident summary
Date January 21, 1980 (1980-01-21)
Summary Inoperable ILS and ground radar
Site Alborz Mountains, Iran
Passengers 120
Crew 8
Fatalities 128 (all)
Survivors 0
Aircraft type Boeing 727-86
Operator Iran Air
Registration EP-IRD
Flight origin Mashhad Airport (MHD/OIMM), Iran
Destination Tehran-Mehrabad Airport (THR/OIII), Iran

Iran Air Flight 291 was a flight that crashed on January 21, 1980. The flight, carried on a Boeing 727-86, was making a domestic flight from Mashad Airport to Tehran-Mehrabad Airport in Iran. At 1911h local time, the aircraft, registered as EP-IRD, collided with the Alborz Mountains, 29 kilometres (18 mi) north of Tehran, during its approach to Tehran-Mehrabad runway 29 in foggy and snowy weather conditions.[2] All 8 crew members and 120 passengers died in the incident, and the plane was destroyed.[3] At the time, Iran Air Flight 291 was the deadliest aircraft disaster in Iranian history.

Investigators concluded that the probable cause of the crash was believed to be an inoperable instrument landing system and ground radar.[2] The head of Iran's Civil Aviation Authority and five other officials were charged with manslaughter[4] as a result of the crash of Flight 291.


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Coordinates: 35°44′N 51°25′E / 35.733°N 51.417°E / 35.733; 51.417