1992 Cupa României Final

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1992 Cupa României Final
Event 1991–92 Cupa României
Steaua won 3–2 on penalties
Date 24 June 1992
Venue Stadionul Regie, Bucharest
Referee Adrian Porumboiu (Romania)
Attendance 8,000

The 1992 Cupa României Final was the 54th final of Romania's most prestigious cup competition. The final was played at the Stadionul Regie in Bucharest on 24 June 1992 and was contested between Divizia A sides Steaua Bucureşti and Politehnica Timişoara. The cup was won by Steaua on penalties.

Route to the final[edit]

FC Steaua Bucureşti

Round of 32 Unirea Dej 0–4 Steaua Bucureşti
Round of 16 Unirea Alba Iulia 0–3 Steaua Bucureşti
Quarter-finals 1st Leg Steaua Bucureşti 3–0 Sportul Studenţesc Bucureşti
Quarter-finals 2nd Leg Sportul Studenţesc Bucureşti 0–3
(0–6 on Agg.)
Steaua Bucureşti
Semi-finals 1st Leg Steaua Bucureşti 3–1 Universitatea Craiova
Semi-finals 2nd Leg Universitatea Craiova 3–2
(4–5 on Agg.)
Steaua Bucureşti

FC Politehnica Timişoara

Round of 32 Unirea Seini 0–1 (a.e.t.) Politehnica Timişoara
Round of 16 Politehnica Timişoara 2–0 Electroputere Craiova (ro)
Quarter-finals 1st Leg Dunărea Călăraşi 1–0 Politehnica Timişoara
Quarter-finals 2nd Leg Politehnica Timişoara 2–0
(2–1 on Agg.)
Dunărea Călăraşi
Semi-finals 1st Leg Politehnica Timişoara 1–0 Farul Constanţa
Semi-finals 2nd Leg Farul Constanţa 0–1
(0–2 on Agg.)
Politehnica Timişoara

Match details[edit]

Steaua Bucureşti
Politehnica Timişoara
GK 1 Romania Daniel Gherasim
DF 2 Romania Aurel Panait
DF 4 Romania Anton Doboş
DF 6 Romania Bogdan Bucur
DF 3 Romania Nicolae Ungureanu Substituted off 73'
MF 5 Romania Cristian Mustacă
MF 10 Romania Basarab Panduru
MF 11 Romania Ilie Stan
MF 8 Romania Ilie Dumitrescu
FW 7 Romania Alexandru Andraşi
FW 9 Romania Marian Popa Substituted off 54'
FW 18 Romania Ion Vlădoiu Substituted in 54'
DF 14 Romania Cornel Cristescu Substituted in 73'
Romania Victor Piţurcă
GK 1 Romania Ioan Almăşan
DF 2 Romania Constantin Varga
DF 3 Romania Tiberiu Csik
DF 6 Romania Petru Andreaş
DF 4 Romania Adrian Stoicov
DF 5 Romania Ion Roşu
MF 7 Romania Emilian Diaconescu
MF 8 Romania Adrian Crăciun
MF 11 Romania Octavian Popescu Substituted off 100'
FW 9 Romania Marcel Băban
FW 10 Romania Sorin Vlaicu Substituted off 76'
MF 15 Romania Călin Rosenblum Substituted in 76'
DF 14 Romania Florin Bătrânu Substituted in 100'
Romania Ion Ionescu




  • 90 minutes.
  • 30 minutes extra-time (15-minute intervals)
  • Penalty shoot-out if scores level after extra time.
  • Seven named substitutes
  • Maximum of 3 substitutions.


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