2005 Lexus Cup

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2005 Lexus Cup
Dates9–11 December 2005
VenueTanah Merah Country Club
Asia 8 16 International
International team wins the Lexus Cup
2006 →

The 2005 Lexus Cup was the inaugural edition of the annual golf match competed by women representing Asia and an international squad. Each team was made up of twelve members. The competition took place at the Tanah Merah Country Club in Singapore from 9–11 December 2005. Lexus was he title sponsor while Rolex, DBS, Singapore Airlines, and Singapore Sports Council are main sponsors. The total purse was US$960,000, with $50,000 going to each member of the winning team and $30,000 to members of the other team.

The International team won solidly in the first annual event, 16 points to 8.


As in the similar team events of the Ryder Cup (USA vs. Europe men), Presidents Cup (USA vs. "International" men, i.e. rest of the world excluding Europe), and Solheim Cup (USA vs. Europe women), each team consisted of twelve players. Each captain appointed their remaining team members.

Day one[edit]

9 December 2005

Day one saw six foursome matches where each team put two golfers on the course for each match, with the two playing alternate shots. Asia won two early matches, but the Int'l team won the other four.

Asia Team Results International Team
Hee-Won Han/Candie Kung Asia 5&4 Carin Koch/Janice Moodie
Grace Park/Jennifer Rosales Int'l 3&2 Sophie Gustafson/Suzann Pettersen
Naree Song/Aree Song Asia 5&4 Natalie Gulbis/Jill McGill
Jeong Jang/Meena Lee Int'l 2&1 Annika Sörenstam/Paula Creamer
Birdie Kim/Hee Jung Park Int'l 2&1 Marisa Baena/Erica Blasberg
Riko Higashio/Namika Omata Int'l 5&4 Catriona Matthew/Karen Stupples
2 Foursomes 4
2 Overall 4

Day two[edit]

10 December 2005

The two teams matched up in four ball competition on day two. The international team won three matches to one, with two others being halved, to give them an 8 to 4 lead going into Sunday's singles.

Asia Team Results International Team
Hee-Won Han/Birdie Kim Int'l 4&2 Carin Koch/Marisa Baena
Aree Song/Naree Song Int'l 4&3 Sophie Gustafson/Suzann Pettersen
Candie Kung/Jeong Jang Int'l 3&2 Paula Creamer/Natalie Gulbis
Grace Park/Riko Higashio Asia 3&2 Janice Moodie/Catriona Matthew
Jennifer Rosales/Namika Omata Halved Erica Blasberg/Jill McGill
Meena Lee/Hee Jung Park Halved Annika Sörenstam/Karen Stupples
2 Four balls 4
4 Overall 8

Day three[edit]

11 December 2005

On day three, the international team won 8 singles matches to 4, for a final margin of 16 to 8.

Asia Team Results International Team
Grace Park Int'l 2&1 Annika Sörenstam
Birdie Kim Int'l 7&5 Paula Creamer
Jeong Jang Asia 1 up Jill McGill
Hee-Won Han Asia 2 up Marisa Baena
Candie Kung Asia 5&4 Janice Moodie
Meena Lee Int'l 3&1 Natalie Gulbis
Aree Song Int'l 1 up Sophie Gustafson
Riko Higashio Int'l 3&2 Erica Blasberg
Naree Song Int'l 4&3 Karen Stupples
Hee Jung Park Int'l 2&1 Carin Koch
Jennifer Rosales Asia 4&3 Catriona Matthew
Namika Omata Int'l 1 up Suzann Pettersen
4 Singles 8
8 Overall 16

Golfer records[edit]

Golfer Country Wins Halves Losses
Paula Creamer  United States 3 0 0
Sophie Gustafson  Sweden 3 0 0
Suzann Pettersen  Norway 3 0 0
Erica Blasberg  United States 2 1 0
Annika Sörenstam  Sweden 2 1 0
Karen Stupples  England 2 1 0
Marisa Baena  Colombia 2 0 1
Natalie Gulbis  United States 2 0 1
Hee-Won Han  South Korea 2 0 1
Carin Koch  Sweden 2 0 1
Candie Kung  Taiwan 2 0 1
Jennifer Rosales  Philippines 1 1 1
Riko Higashio  Japan 1 0 2
Jeong Jang  South Korea 1 0 2
Catriona Matthew  Scotland 1 0 2
Grace Park  South Korea 1 0 2
Aree Song  South Korea 1 0 2
Naree Song  South Korea 1 0 2
Meena Lee  South Korea 0 1 2
Jill McGill  United States 0 1 2
Namika Omata  Japan 0 1 2
Hee Jung Park  South Korea 0 1 2
Birdie Kim  South Korea 0 0 3
Janice Moodie  Scotland 0 0 3

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