2006 Oceania Athletics Championships

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VIII Oceania Athletics Championships
2006 Oceania Championships Logo.png
Host city Apia, Samoa Samoa
Date(s) December 12–16
Main stadium Apia Park
Level Senior
Participation 20 nations
Events 38 (20 men, 17 women, 1 mixed)
Records set 4

The 2006 Oceania Athletics Championships were held at the Apia Park in Apia, Samoa, between December 12–16, 2006.

A total of 38 events were contested, 20 by men, 17 by women, and 1 mixed relay.

Except javelin thrower Victor Dao, athletes from New Caledonia were listed as guests,[1][2][3][4][5] although they were reported as medal winners on the webpage of the Ligue de Nouvelle Calédonie Athlétisme (resulting in a total 7 medals in the open category, 3 gold, 1 silver, and 1 bronze).[6][7]

Medal summary[edit]

Complete results can be found on the webpages of the Oceania Athletics Association,[1][2][3] Athletics PNG,[4] and Athletics Samoa.[5]


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres (wind: -0.3 m/s)  Henry Ben (PNG) 10.75  Moses Kamut (VAN)
 Wally Kirika (PNG)
200 metres (wind: +1.6 m/s)  Peter Tuccandidgee (AUS) 21.65  Moses Kamut (VAN) 21.73  Gabirieli Muatavola (FIJ)
 Daniel Natusch (NZL)
400 metres  Sam Rapson (NZL) 48.03  Chris Walasi (SOL) 48.62  Fabian Niulai (PNG) 49.16
800 metres  Aunese Curreen (SAM) 1:52.65  Isireli Naikelekelevesi (FIJ) 1:55.30  Arnold Sorina (VAN) 1:55.57
1500 metres  Aunese Curreen (SAM) 4:04.09  Anthony McCourt (AUS) 4:05.54  Derek Mandell (GUM) 4:06.35
5000 metres  Brendan Whelan (AUS) 16:01.97  Derek Mandell (GUM) 16:18.83  Lavi Sam (VAN) 16:44.24
Half Marathon  Brendan Whelan (AUS) 1:12:40  Sapolai Yao (PNG) 1:14:48  Philip Nausien (VAN) 1:16:57
3000 metres steeplechase  Tim Hodge (NZL) 9:34.59  Sapolai Yao (PNG) 9:49.56  Om Halliday (AUS) 9:55.16
110 metres hurdles (wind: -0.9 m/s)  Mowen Boino (PNG) 15.02  Avele Tanielu (SAM) 15.10  Inoke Finau (TGA) 16.72
400 metres hurdles  Mowen Boino (PNG) 51.62  Wala Gime (PNG) 53.17  Nick Kalivati (NZL) 53.70
High Jump  Billy Crayford (NZL)
 Joshua Hall (AUS)
2.07m =CR  Rajendra Prasad (FIJ) 1.95m
Long Jump1.)  Daniel Natusch (NZL) 7.14m (wind: NWI)  Jay Stone (AUS) 6.88m (wind: NWI)  Nathaniel Franklin (AUS) 6.84m (wind: NWI)
Triple Jump2.)  Charles Nicholson (NZL) 13.56m (wind: NWI)  Kuripitone Betham (SAM) 13.38m (wind: NWI)  Buraieta Yeeting (KIR) 13.30m (wind: NWI)
Shot Put  Stephen Lasei (SAM) 14.39m  Justin Andre (GUM) 13.76m  Tim Rozborski (GUM) 13.18m
Discus Throw  Stephen Lasei (SAM) 45.75m  Marshall Hall (NZL) 43.48m  Jerrod Avegalio (ASA) 43.41m
Hammer Throw  Justin Andre (GUM) 50.03m  Brentt Jones (NFK) 49.25m  Gilles Valdenaire (PYF) 41.02m
Javelin Throw  Leslie Copeland (FIJ) 67.28m  Victor Dao (NCL) 59.15m  Jerrod Avegalio (ASA) 52.13m
Octathlon  Nathan Baart (AUS) 5131pts  Rabangaki Nawai (KIR) 4992pts  Inoke Finau (TGA) 4311pts
6km Cross Country  Om Halliday (AUS) 26:48  Brendan Whelan (AUS) 27:07  Derek Mandell (GUM) 27:12
4 x 100 metres relay  Fiji
Matavesi Telawa
Jone Wainiqolo
Gabirieli Muatavola
Filipo Delai
41.73  Papua New Guinea
Fabian Niulai
Wally Kirika
Henry Ben
Anton Lui
42.01  Australia
Lars Hansen
Otis Gowa
Peter Tuccandidgee
Daley Duan

1.): The long jump event was won by Frédéric Erin from  New Caledonia (listed as guest athlete) in 7.55m.
2.): The triple jump event was won by Frédéric Erin from  New Caledonia (listed as guest athlete) in 15.77m.


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres (wind: 0.2 m/s)  Mae Koime (PNG) 11.79 CR  Toea Wisil (PNG) 12.03  Latai Sikuvea (TGA) 12.28
200 metres (wind: 0.8 m/s)  Monique Williams (NZL) 23.72  Mae Koime (PNG) 24.29  Toea Wisil (PNG) 24.53
400 metres  Monique Williams (NZL) 55.21  Mae Koime (PNG) 56.75  Toea Wisil (PNG) 57.26
800 metres  Betty Burua (PNG) 2:18.35  Cecilia Kumalalamene (PNG) 2:19.05  Salome Dell (PNG) 2:21.68
1500 metres  Lucy van Dalen (NZL) 4:40.64
5000 metres  Holly van Dalen (NZL) 18:27.90  Faye Ondelacy (ASA) 23:19.45
Half Marathon  Faye Ondelacy (ASA) 1:19.35  Patricia Gauquelin (PYF) 1:52.52
100 metres hurdles (wind: -1.2 m/s)  Terani Faremiro (PYF) 16.08  Monique Lafaialii (SAM) 18.66  Melina Malatai (SAM) 20.91
400 metres hurdles  Chloe Butler (AUS) 1:03.37  Alyssa Taylor (AUS) 1:06.47  Gemma Radford (NZL) 1:07.37
High Jump  Marissa Pritchard (NZL)
 Casey Narrier (AUS)
1.70m  Véronique Boyer (PYF) 1.61m
Long Jump  Soko Salaniqiqi (FIJ) 5.59m (wind: NWI)  Terani Faremiro (PYF) 5.52m (wind: NWI)  Margaret Teiti (COK) 5.18m (wind: NWI)
Triple Jump  Nneka Okpala (NZL) 12.29m (wind: NWI)  Marissa Pritchard (NZL) 11.69m (wind: NWI)  Soko Salaniqiqi (FIJ) 11.66m (wind: NWI)
Shot Put  Ana Po'uhila (TGA) 16.57m CR  Tereapii Tapoki (COK) 14.81m  Margaret Satupai (SAM) 14.40m
Discus Throw1.)  Tereapii Tapoki (COK) 52.83m  Ana Po'uhila (TGA) 52.48m  Margaret Satupai (SAM) 43.72m
Hammer Throw2.)  Jessica Charlesworth (NZL) 43.70m  Siniva Marsters (COK) 41.51m  Anna Harvey (NZL) 38.64m
Javelin Throw  Tereapii Tapoki (COK) 45.85m  Tammy Baart (AUS) 40.40m  Vanessa Wanai (PYF) 36.32m
4 x 100 metres relay  Papua New Guinea
Betty Burua
Mae Koime
Cecilia Kumalalamene
Toea Wisil
48.30  Australia
Sarah Busby
Sarah Mackaway
Bessie Hayes
Jennifer Tagney
48.64  New Zealand
Gemma Radford
Nicola Hely
Nneka Okpala
Monique Williams

1.): Glenda Polelei from  New Caledonia (listed as guest athlete) was 3rd in the discus throw event in 45.70m.
2.): The hammer throw event was won by Elise Takosie from  New Caledonia (listed as guest athlete) in 46.19m.


Event Gold Silver Bronze
800 metres Medley relay  New Zealand
Nicola Hely
Daniel Natusch
Monique Williams
Sam Rapson
1:35.62  Papua New Guinea
Cecilia Kumalalamene
Levi Albert
Toea Wisil
Wala Gime
1:37.95  Tonga
Patiola Pahulu
Aisea Tohi
Latai Sikuvea
Uikelotu Ki Onehunga Palu

Medal table (unofficial)[edit]

  The host country is highlighted in lavender blue
Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  New Zealand 13 2 5 20
2  Australia 8 6 3 17
3  Papua New Guinea 6 10 4 20
4  Samoa 4 3 3 10
5  Fiji 3 1 3 7
6  Cook Islands 2 2 1 5
7  Guam 1 2 3 6
8  French Polynesia 1 2 3 6
9  Tonga 1 1 4 6
10  American Samoa 1 1 2 4
11  Vanuatu 0 2 3 5
12  Kiribati 0 1 1 2
13  New Caledonia 0 1 0 1
14  Norfolk Island 0 1 0 1
15  Solomon Islands 0 1 0 1

Participation (unofficial)[edit]

The participation of athletes from 20 countries could be determined from the published results.[1][2][3][4][5]