Chronological summary of the 2008 Summer Paralympics

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This page contains notable highlights from the 2008 Summer Paralympics in Beijing, China.


 ●  Opening ceremony     Event competitions  ●  Event finals  ●  Closing ceremony
September 6th
Football (soccer) 5-a-side
Football (soccer) 7-a-side
Table tennis
Wheelchair basketball
Wheelchair fencing
Wheelchair rugby
Wheelchair tennis
September 6th

September 6[edit]

Opening Ceremony

Day 1: September 7[edit]

Gold Medalists
Sport Event Competitor(s) NOC Rec Ref
Cycling Men's 1 km Time Trial (LC 3-4) Simon Richardson  Great Britain WR [4]
Cycling Women's 1 km Time Trial (B&VI 1-3) Aileen McGlynn
Ellen Hunter
 Great Britain WR [5]
Cycling Men's Individual Pursuit (CP 3) Darren Kenny  Great Britain [6]
Cycling Men's Individual Pursuit (CP 4) Christopher Scott  Australia [7]
Cycling Men's Ind. Pursuit (B&VI 1-3) Kieran Modra
Tyson Lawrence
 Australia WR [8]
Judo Women -48 kg Guo Huaping  China [9]
Judo Women -52 kg Cui Na  China [10]
Judo Men -60 kg Mouloud Noura  Algeria [11]
Judo Men -66 kg Sidali Lamri  Algeria [12]
Shooting Women's R2-10m Air Rifle Stand-SH1 Veronika Vadovicova  Slovakia [13]
Shooting Men's P1-10m Air Pistol-SH1 Valeriy Ponomarenko  Russia WR / PB [14]
Swimming Men's 200m Freestyle - S2 Dmitrii Kokarev  Russia WR [15]
Swimming Men's 100m Butterfly - S13 Dzmitry Salei  Belarus WR [16]
Swimming Women's 100m Butterfly - S13 Valerie Grand Maison  Canada [17]
Swimming Men's 100m Freestyle - S3 Du Jianping  China WR [18]
Swimming Men's 100m Freestyle - S4 David Smetanine  France [19]
Swimming Women's 100m Freestyle - S4 Nely Miranda  Mexico [20]
Swimming Men's 100m Freestyle - S5 Daniel Dias  Brazil WR [21]
Swimming Women's 100m Freestyle - S5 Maria Teresa Perales  Spain WR [22]
Swimming Men's 200m IM - SM6 Sascha Kindred  Great Britain WR [23]
Swimming Women's 200m IM - SM6 Miranda Uhl  United States WR [24]
Swimming Men's 200m IM - SM7 Rudy Garcia Tolson  United States WR [25]
Swimming Women's 200m IM - SM7 Erin Popovich  United States WR [26]
Swimming Men's 100m Butterfly - S8 Peter Luck  Australia WR [27]
Swimming Women's 100m Butterfly - S8 Jessica Long  United States [28]
Swimming Men's 100m Butterfly - S9 Tamás Sors  Hungary WR [29]
Swimming Women's 100m Butterfly - S9 Natalie du Toit  South Africa WR [30]

Day 2: September 8[edit]

  • The women's T54 5000 metre race in athletics was marred by a spectacular crash just before the final lap, when six athletes collided in a pile-up, several of them damaging their wheelchairs in the process and thus being left unable to complete the race. The crash was reported to have been caused by Swiss athlete Edith Hunkeler colliding with fellow Swiss athlete Sandra Graf, whereupon athletes behind them piled up over them. Hunkeler suffered a broken collarbone in the accident. Reaching the 50 metre mark, remaining competitors were then impeded by officials running across the track to assist fallen athletes. The race was won by Canada's Diane Roy, and the medal ceremony was completed, before IPC officials announced that they had ruled in favour of an appeal lodged by three countries, and cancelled the results. Medallists were asked to relinquish their medals, and the race was rescheduled for September 12 (with Hunkeler being disqualified), amidst significant controversy.[31][32]
  • 13-year-old Eleanor Simmonds of Great Britain became the youngest ever individual Paralympic gold medallist when she won the 100m freestyle S6 event in swimming.[33]
  • Osamah Alshanqiti won Saudi Arabia's first ever Paralympic or Olympic gold medal, in the F12 triple jump, with a world record jump of 15.37 metres.[34][35]
  • The People's Republic of China relay team of Zong Kai, Zhao Ji, Zhang Lixin & Li Huzhao sets a new world record of 49.89 seconds in round 1, heat 1 of the men's 4 × 100 m, T53-54.

Day 3: September 9[edit]

  • Great Britain won five more gold medals in cycling, bringing its total to nine golds and one silver in cycling. Of Britain's six cycling competitors on day 3, five took gold and the sixth, Rik Waddon, took silver behind fellow British athlete Darren Kenny in the 1 km CP3 time trial.[36]
  • Haider Ali won Pakistan's first ever Paralympic medal, a silver in the F37/38 long jump, with a world record jump. Farhat Chida of Tunisia broke Ali's new world record to take gold.[37]
  • Laurentia Tan won Singapore's first ever Paralympic medal, a bronze in equestrian in the individual championship test Grade Ia.[38][39]
  • Oscar Pistorius of South Africa won the first of his three targeted gold medals, in the T44 100 metre sprint in athletics.[40]
  • Chantal Petitclerc of Canada sets a Paralympic record of 16.07 seconds in round 1, heat 1 of the women's 100m, T54.
  • Men's 4 × 100 m relay, T53-54 – China (Zong Kai, Zhao Ji, Zhang Lixin & Li Huzhao) won in 49.90, ahead of Thailand (Supachoi Koysub, Konjen, Prawat Wahoram & Pichet Krungget), 51.93 and Republic of Korea (Hong Suk-Man, Jung Dong-Ho, Kim Gyu-Dae & Yoo Byung-Hoon), 53.52.
  • Pakistani powerlifter Ahmed Butt was the first athlete to be expelled from the Beijing Paralympics after testing positive for steroid use.[41]

Day 4: September 10[edit]

  • Women's 100m, T54 – Chantal Petitclerc of Canada won in 16.15 seconds, ahead of Liu Wenjun, China, 16.20 and Dong Hongjiao, China, 16.24.
  • Men's 400m, T54—Zhang Lixin, China won in 45.07 seconds, a new world record, ahead of David Weir, Britain, 46.02 and Saichon Konjen, Thailand, 46.86.

Day 5: September 11[edit]

  • Women's 200m Individual Medley, SM9 - Natalie Du Toit from Republic of South Africa won with a world record of 2 minutes and 27.83 seconds, ahead of Stephanie Dixon, Canada, 2:37.54, and Louise Watkin, Great Britain, 2:40.31.[42]

Day 6: September 12[edit]

  • Women's 400m, T54 – Chantal Petitclerc of Canada won in 52.02 seconds, ahead of Tatyana McFadden, United, 53.49 and Diane Roy, Canada, 54.72.
  • Zhang Lixin of China sets a world record of 24.18 seconds in round 1, heat 2 of the men's 200m, T54.
  • Men's 400m, T52 - Tomoya Ito of Japan won in 57.25 seconds (Paralympic Record) ahead of Toshihiro Takada, Japan, 60.32 and Dean Bergeron, Canada, 60.43 seconds.

Day 7: September 13[edit]

Lindsey Carmichael of Lago Vista, Texas, Standing Recurve Female Archer for USA, won the first medal in archery by an American woman ever at a Paralympics, shooting the highest score of the recurve medal matches (105 out of a possible 120) and the first medal in archery for the US during both the Beijing Olympics & Paralympics.[43] [44]

Day 8: September 14[edit]

  • Women's 200m, T54 – Chantal Petitclerc, Canada, won in 27.52 seconds (setting a world record), ahead of Tatyana McFadden, United States, 28.43 and Manuela Schar, Switzerland, 28.84.
  • Women's 800m, T54 – Petitclerc won in 1:45.19 (a new world record), ahead of McFadden, USA, 1:46.95 and Diane Roy, Canada, 1:48.07.
  • Men's 200m, T54 -- Zhang Lixin, China, won in 24.34, ahead of Saichon Konjen, Thailand, 25.15 and Leo-Pekka Tahti, Finland, 25.17
  • Men's 4 × 400 m relay, T53-54 – China (Cui Yangfeng, Zhao Ji, Li Huzhao & Zhang Lixin) won in 3:05.67 (a new world record), ahead of Thailand (Koysub, Wahoram, Krungget & Saichon Konjen), 3:11.63 and France (Julien Casoli, Pierre Fairbank, Alain Fuss & Denis Lemeunier), 3 :17.93. It is Zhang Lixin's fourth gold medal of the Games, and all with new world record times during the competition.
  • As the cycling competitions come to a close, Great Britain has by far dominated the events, winning seventeen gold medals.[45]

Day 9: September 15[edit]

Day 10: September 16[edit]

  • Women's 1500m, T54 – Chantal Petitclerc of Canada wins her fifth gold medal of the Games in 3:39.88, ahead of Shelly Woods, Britain, 3:40.99 and Edith Hunkeler, Switzerland, 3:41.03.
  • Oscar Pistorius of South Africa wins the third of his three targeted gold medals, in the Men's 400m - T44 category, in athletics.[47]
  • Men's 800m, T52 - Tomoya Ito of Japan won his second gold medal of the Games in 1:53.42, ahead of Toshihiro Takada, Japan, 1:53.67 and Thomas Geierspichler, Austria, 1:56.26. Tomoya Ito marked world record at round 1

Day 11: September 17[edit]

Closing Ceremony
  • The Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games came to close on 17 September. Taking the theme ‘A Letter to the Future’ the Ceremony featured about 2,000 performers.[48]
  • London, the host of the 2012 Paralympic Games, staged an eight-minute performance and aimed to show how sport can promote the Paralympic Movement and positively influence young people’s lives.[48]

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