24 October Movement

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Social Democratic Youth
Founder 21 Commity
Founded 1999
Headquarters Lebanon
Ideology Social democracy
Political position Centre-left
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The 24 October Movement started as a resistance group on 24 October 1999, and was given its title by foreign intelligence agencies. It became a nonofficial party in 2002.

The Social Democratic Youth Movement came to exist as a resistance group for occupied Lebanon and did missions inside the occupied lands of Lebanon, Israel and Palestine, against high-ranking officers and secret service agents. The group's main goal was to liberate the Lebanese territories and to help in the declaration of the Palestinian state as per the United Nations decision of 1948.

The community declared in 2007: "After the 2006 Lebanese-Israeli war and the declaration of Palestinian State recently, there were no activities resumed and the community decided that the Shibaa farms (occupied still by Israel) should be resolved politically by the Lebanese and Syrian governments, to name it Lebanese or Syrian before demanding the withdrawal of Israel, to avoid any loops that the Israeli government might use to cause more conflicts in neighbouring countries."[citation needed] The community assured that the sole activities taken by this group were social and nonviolent, with the intent to help the Lebanese community deal with challenges from neighbouring non-democratic governments.


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