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42 (school)

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42's logo
  • 2013 (2013) (Paris)
  • 2016 (2016) (Fremont)
  • 2021 (2021) (Istanbul)
  • 2021 (2021) (Kocaeli)
  • 2021 (2021) (Adelaide)
  • 2022 (2022) (Berlin)
PresidentXavier Niel
DirectorSophie Viger
Administrative staff
  • Paris: 29
  • Adelaide: 7
  • Paris: 2,550
  • Adelaide: 300
  • Istanbul: 492
  • Kocaeli: 275
Colours    Blue, green, red

42 is a private institution of higher education in computer science founded by Xavier Niel, Nicolas Sadirac (former executive director at Epitech),[1] Kwame Yamgnane, and Florian Bucher (former executives at Epitech).[2] The school opened in Paris in 2013. The school does not have any professors and is open 24/7. Students are trained through peer-to-peer pedagogy, and project-based learning.

42's name is a reference to the book The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy written by British author Douglas Adams: in the book, 42 is the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.[citation needed]


Xavier Niel, one of the founders of 42

Announced on March 26, 2013, 42 was opened in Paris on July 15, 2013, for the selection phase called La Piscine (the swimming-pool).

On May 17, 2016, 42 announced plans to open a second campus in Fremont, California.[3] The Fremont campus was closed in 2020.[4]

As of 2023, 47 campuses have been opened in 26 countries.[5] In addition to the official campus in Paris, France, the school model was adopted in Lyon, Reims, and Mulhouse, France, as well as in Spain, Romania, South Africa, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Moldova,[6] Belgium, Russia, Morocco, the Netherlands, Indonesia, Finland,[7] Germany,[8] Adelaide, Australia,[9] Armenia,[10] the United Arab Emirates,[11] London,[12] Quebec, Canada,[13] Bangkok,[14] Florence,[15] Rome,[16] Lausanne, Switzerland[17] and Turkey.


42 already had big supporters in tech like Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel, Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey, and Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield. Spiegel called it a school from the future, and Dorsey gave a glowing endorsement, saying "We are always looking for great engineers from any background and any education like 42."[18]

Paul Graham, founder of Y combinator, stated on Twitter "My God is 42 impressive. This is not another programming bootcamp. It's another MIT."[19]


The mode of operation of 42 was notably inspired by that of Epitech: selection using "swimming pool" sessions and teaching according to the project mode. 42 Network attempts to establish 24/7 technology support communities in major cities worldwide through the participation of collaborative entities, achieving integration of education, industry, and technology exchange.

Admission and registration[edit]

The candidate must be at least 18 years old or hold a baccalauréat (it is possible to start an application for candidates in the year of their baccalaureate). No diploma is required for applicants over 18 years of age. In 2015, an experiment took place with Pôle Emploi to train a group of around thirty unemployed seniors in programming for ten months. This training has since been renewed each year.

The first selection is made using a series of logic and memory tests on the institution's website intended to assess the students' abilities to learn computer science. The second selection is called the “pool”. It is an intensive four-week selection process during which the applicant must carry out practical work in the C Language as well as community service, sometimes considered by students as a degrading punishment [citation needed]. Under the eye of the educational team who scrutinizes all their actions from the jar (office of the educational team) using big data [citation needed].

Registration for training is free and concerns each year about 850 students in Paris.

Particularities of the training[edit]

There are no lectures or practical work supervised by professors. Students are free to organize their days to carry out the projects proposed by the teaching team. The establishment is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The training provided is intended to be inspired by the changes brought about by the Internet with a pedagogy qualified as "peer-to-peer". Depending on the course chosen by the student, it delivers an RNCP title of level 6 or level 7 or a certificate recognized by the French State: https://42.fr/en/42-in-paris/computer-science-degree/it-solutions-designer-developer/.


The first projects are mainly focused on development in C language in a UNIX platform environment. Depending on their level, the student can enroll in two-week educational “pools” to discover new programming paradigms: web in PHP, object-oriented in C++, functional in OCaml and Unity. Other projects introduce students to computer security, mobile development and the network.[citation needed]

Business model[edit]

The investment was made by Xavier Niel: 70 million euros, including 20 million for the creation of the Parisian establishment and 50 million to cover its operating costs for 10 years. The objective when creating 42 is to allow the creation of 150 companies each year, including five Internet giants, in the hope that these young shoots pay their apprenticeship tax to the establishment. At the start of 2015, Nicolas Sadirac said "If we are not able to generate five big successes per year, it is because we will have failed. Then there will be no more reason to finance us."

42 Network[edit]

42 Network is a network of partner institutions funded by institutions, companies and investors around the world. In 2020, Sophie Vigier announced that 33 establishments are open on 5 continents and in 22 countries. The educational curriculum of these establishments is based on a common core, but the campuses can adapt their projects to the labor pools in which they are located.

On December 6, 2017, Xavier Niel announces the creation of a 42 school in Algiers, during Emmanuel Macron's visit to Algeria. This announcement has not yet been followed by an opening.

In 2018 Corinne Vigreux announced the opening of Codam College as part of the 42 network in Amsterdam.

In June 2019, 42 announced the opening of eleven new campuses by 2020, including 42 Rio, 42 São Paulo, 42 Jakarta, 42 Yerevan, 42 Tokyo, 42 Bogotá, 42 Angoulême, 42 Madrid, and 42 Quebec.

In December 2022, 42 Berlin commenced operations.[20]

List of Schools in 42 Network[21]
Name Location Year Founded Official Website
42 Yerevan  Armenia, Yerevan 2020 42yerevan.am
42 Adelaide  Australia, Adelaide 2021 42adel.org.au
42 Vienna  Austria, Vienna 2022 42vienna.com
19 (Antwerp)  Belgium, Antwerp campus19.be
19 (Brussels)  Belgium, Brussels campus19.be
42 Belo Horizonte  Brazil, Belo Horizonte 42bh.org.br
42 Rio  Brazil, Rio de Janeiro 42.rio
42 São Paulo  Brazil, São Paulo 42sp.org.br
42 Québec  Canada, Québec 2021[22] 42quebec.com
42 Prague  Czech Republic, Prague 2022 42prague.com
Hive  Finland, Helsinki 2019[23] hive.fi
42 Angoulême  France, Angoulême 42angouleme.fr
42 Le Havre  France, Le Havre 42lehavre.fr
42 Lyon  France, Lyon 42lyon.fr
42 Mulhouse  France, Mulhouse 42mulhouse.fr
42 Nice  France, Nice 2020[24] 42nice.fr
42 Paris  France, Paris 2013 42.fr
42 Perpignan Occitanie  France, Perpignan 42perpignan.fr
42 Berlin  Germany, Berlin 2022 42berlin.de
42 Heilbronn  Germany, Heilbronn 42heilbronn.de
42 Wolfsburg  Germany, Wolfsburg 2021 42wolfsburg.de
42 Firenze  Italy, Florence 42firenze.it
42 Roma  Italy, Rome 42roma.it
42 Tokyo  Japan, Tokyo 42tokyo.jp
42 Amman  Jordan, Amman
42 Beirut  Lebanon, Beirut 2024
42 Luxembourg  Luxembourg, Esch-Alzette 2023[25] 42luxembourg.lu
42 Kuala Lumpur  Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur 42kl.edu.my
1337 Khouribga  Morocco, Khouribga 1337.ma
1337 Ben Guérir  Morocco, Ben Guérir 1337.ma
42 Warsaw  Poland, Warsaw 2023 42warsaw.pl
42 Lisboa  Portugal, Lisbon 42lisboa.com
42 Porto  Portugal, Porto 2022 42porto.com
School 21  Russia, Kazan 21-school.ru
School 21  Russia, Moscow 21-school.ru
School 21  Russia, Novosibirsk 21-school.ru
School 21  Russia, Surgut 21-school.ru
42 Singapore  Singapore, Singapore 42singapore.sg
42 Seoul  South Korea, Seoul 42seoul.kr
42 Alicante  Spain, Alicante 42alicante.com
42 Barcelona  Spain, Barcelona 42barcelona.com
42 Madrid  Spain, Madrid 2019 42madrid.com
42 Málaga  Spain, Málaga 42malaga.com
42 Urduliz  Spain, Urduliz 42urduliz.com
42 Lausanne   Switzerland, Lausanne 42lausanne.ch
42 Bangkok  Thailand, Bangkok 2019 42bangkok.com
Codam  Netherlands, Amsterdam codam.nl
42 Istanbul  Turkey, Istanbul 2021 42istanbul.com.tr
42 Kocaeli  Turkey, Kocaeli 2021 42kocaeli.com.tr
42 Abu Dhabi  United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi 42abudhabi.ae
42 London  United Kingdom, London 42london.com
1337 Med  Morocco, Tétouan 2022 1337.ma
42 Luanda  Angola, Luanda 2023 42luanda.com
42 Antananarivo Antananarivo, Madagascar 42antananarivo.mg


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