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This article is about a music venue. For the 1996 Sneaker Pimps song, see 6 Underground.

6UNDERGROUND is a music venue in the Philippines established in 2004 that was founded by Filipinos from fields of music, photography, and acting. They employed a venue where a prior rock bar once flourished in the 1990s called Kalye.[1] Also known as 6UG, it gives a chance for new bands to perform their original Filipino music as well as for established acts to nurture their fan base at the bar level.

In 2006, Glass Tower, the building where the old 6Underground was housed, was purchased by a corporation whose plans were to use the property as a new thrift bank. The bar transferred to a new place in Ortigas Center and renamed the venue 6Underground Live & Raw.[2]

The bar[edit]

Many first-time customers found it difficult to locate the place. The small signage wasn't visible from the outside street and the venue itself was actually located at the basement, i.e. "underground", of the old Glass Tower building along Palanca Street in Legaspi Village. Upon finding the facade, the entrance was a mere passageway leading to the main gig area.[3] Chandeliers hang scarcely on the ceiling; old style narra tables and chairs replaced the look of most watering holes; and Jason Moss suicide paintings were suspended on hand-written walls.[4] Partly inspired by the movie "Blade", 6underground's look catered to college students, young urban professionals, and alternative music enthusiasts.

6UG in Ortigas Center is along Pearl Drive, Pasig City, near the University of Asia and the Pacific. Inasmuch as it is no longer physically located "underground", the bar took on a new look with the more spacious stage placed right in the middle of the venue, having the crowd encircling the performing artists, ala the "unplugged" television setting. Likewise, the old narra tables and chairs were replaced by Japanese-style tablets and pillows, giving a cozier bar atmosphere.[5]

The events[edit]

6UG was where Rivermaya made their live television special, "Live @ 6Underground", aired over Studio 23; one of the uncommon times that the old quartet with Rico Blanco performed their set in a relatively small venue. Ironically, it was also one of the very limited bars where Bamboo (band), a rival of Rivermaya, performed. When foreign acts Love Me Butch and Interlace came to Manila, their very first stops were also at 6underground. Conclusively, the film of The Dawn (band), "Tulad Ng Dati" as well as their video "Ang Iyong Paalam", were shot at the bar.

During its Makati tenure, 6UG was also the venue of events by Pulp magazine[6] NU 107, 99.5 RT, Monster Radio RX 93.1 radio stations, MTV Philippines, a bunch of get-togethers from schools Ateneo de Manila University, DLSU, Assumption College (Philippines), University of the Philippines, and many other groups. Even the first Philippine Idol TV series celebration was held there, among others.

6UG also played host to several sanctioned fights. Local mixed martial arts club, URCC,[7] did one of the very first organized fights there. The bout had no ring, just people acting as rings with mats all over the place and complete with round girls. It also witnessed other surprising and unpublished fist fights involving famous and infamous band members, groupies, goons, starlets, among other personalities. Quite naturally, 6underground was also the site for many photo shoots involving models, singers, actresses and the likes.

The albums[edit]

It is the only music venue in the Philippines that released two compilation albums. The Gathering album[8] was released in 2006 produced by 6UG co-owner Bel Sayson[9] under 6Underground Records and Ballyhoo. It was an independently produced collection of bands that regularly played at the bar. They were The Amandas, Kiko Machine, Pinas, Lahi, Southern Grass, Sugarhiccup, Shoulder State, Dream Kitchen, Prank Sinatra, to name a few.

The second album entitled Live & Raw was released in 2007. It is a collection of live and unedited performances captured at 6UG. The artists included therein are considered as some of the well-known personalities in Pinoy rock: Pepe Smith, The Dawn (band), Rivermaya, Kjwan, Kapatid (band), Skychurch, among others.[10] This was likewise produced by Bel Sayson under 6Underground Records and distributed nationwide by Warner Music Philippines.

The bands[edit]

More than 600 artists have performed at 6UG. Among them were 6 Cycle Mind, 18th Issue, Angulo,[11] Badburn, Callalily, Chicosci,[12] Cynthia Alexander, Champagne, Daydream Cycle, Death by Stereo, Dicta License, Enemies Of Saturn, Erektus, Faspitch, Furlong, Francis M, Greyhoundz, Hale, Imago (band), Itchyworms, Join d Club, Juana, Julianne, Jun Lopito, Kala, Kapatid (band),[13] Kiko Machine, Kjwan, Lokomotiv, Mayonnaise, Menaya, Narda, Paramita, Parokya Ni Edgar, Pedicab, Pepe Smith, Pupil (band), Queso, Radioactive Sago Project, Razorback (band), Rocksteddy, Sandwich, Session Road, Sinosikat?, Slapshock, Sponge Cola, Stonefree, Sugarhiccup, Black Manika, Kadja Odja, Tropical Depression, Tuesday Vargas, Typecast (band), Up Dharma Down,[14] Urbandub, Vinyard, Wickermoss, and many others.


6underground was featured in various Philippine print media like Pulp, Burn, Fudge, Mabuhay, FHM, Uno, Anthem, Loud, Circuit, Philippine Star, and Manila Bulletin. Many of its past events were covered by both MTV Philippines and the Myx channels.

In 2008, 6UG launched the "Live & Raw" television show on Studio 23 every Sundays at 10:45PM. It is a collection of live performances as recorded at 6Underground. This is the first time that a Philippine rock venue has gone national TV. Simultaneously, 6UG also partnered with the Home of NU Rock, NU 107, for a similar-format FM radio show every Tuesdays at 10:00PM with hosts Pulp's Joey Dizon and Bel Sayson.[15] To complete the media, they also feature other band performances and live video streaming through their website, underground.ph [1], making 6Underground an independent multimedia community.


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