9th Armoured Division (United Kingdom)

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9th Armoured Division
9armd div.jpg
Formation sign of the 9th Armoured Division.[1]
Active 1 December 1940–31 July 1944[2]
Country  United Kingdom
Branch  British Army
Type Armoured
Size 14,964 men[3]
227 tanks[nb 1][nb 2]
Major-General Brian Horrocks

The 9th Armoured Division was an armoured division of the British Army, raised during the Second World War. The 9th Armoured was created on 1 December 1940 and dispersed and disbanded on 31 July 1944. The division never saw active service during the war. This formation's only use during the war was either as a training formation or when it was used to experiment with specialised armour.

General Officer Commanding[edit]

The 9th Armoured Division had three men who held the position of General Officer Commanding during the Second World War.

Appointed General Officer Commanding
4 December 1940 Major-General Brocas Burrows[2]
20 March 1942 Major-General Brian Horrocks[2]
12 August 1942 Major-General John D'Arcy[nb 3]

Component Units[edit]


27th Armoured Brigade (transferred from division on 10 August 1942)

28th Armoured Brigade

9th Support Group (disbanded 12 June 1942)

7th Infantry Brigade (transferred to division on 5 June 1942)

Divisional Troops

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  2. ^ These two figures are the war establishment, the on-paper strength, of the division; for information on how divisions size changed over the war please see British Army during the Second World War and British Armoured formations of World War II.
  3. ^ D'Arcy was appointed as the acting General Officer Commanding on 12 August 1942 at the rank of Brigadier, he took official command of the division on 8 September 1942 with the rank of Major-General.[2]
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