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ABCs of Attraction
Founded 2005
Headquarters Los Angeles, USA

ABCs of Attraction, founded in 2005 by JT Tran "The Asian Playboy", is a PUA company that specializes in social skills and confidence building for men.[1][2][3] The company holds events, seminars and boot camps around the world[3][4][5][6] and has received media coverage from various magazines, newspapers, and TV programs.[3][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14]

The ABCs Theory[edit]

The ABCs of Attraction theory deals with three main phases:

1. Inner strength – identity and emotional confidence.
2. Outer confidence – non-verbal, sub-communication and body language positioning.
3. Verbal skills – story telling and flirting.

Hyphen magazine described the general method taught at ABCs as one which "leverages the use of ethnicity as an added advantage in the game of seduction".[15] Through bootcamps, ABCs of Attraction emphasizes self-improvement techniques and examines social psychology.[3]

Media attention and Events[edit]

ABCs of Attraction has appeared on the front pages of Asian Week and Nguoi Viet Daily News as well as many other magazines and newspapers such as Hyphen Magazine[16] and The Harvard Crimson[2][3][4][17] and has been featured on Channel 5 ABC with Karen Holmes,[11] Saigon Broadcasting Television Network[13] and the Chicago Philippine Report TV ("CPR TV").[14]

ABCs of Attraction received special coverage by NBC Bay Area's Emmy winning reporter Vicky Nguyen, who interviewed ABCs bootcamp instructor, Gareth Jones,[7][8] who was named "Best New Pickup Artist in the World 2010" at the World Pickup Artist Summit in 2010.[7][8][18] The segment stressed on the methods and benefits of empowering men with confidence.

ABC's of Attraction's weekend workshop was profiled on ABC's Nightline with Juju Chang,[19][20] where applying "systematic engineering skills to dating" that were taught at the company were discussed.[19][21] The show followed the team and students during the lecture, through the exercises, and later out into the streets to show how the methods taught can work.[19]

The company was also profiled by Channel News Asia in Singapore,[22] the Huffington Post[23] and Voice of America News TV in China, which followed JT Tran and his team on the entire bootcamp process.[24] The Awl news reporter, Sharon Adarlo, who first criticized the company's methods,[25] joined in on a bootcamp and wrote on how her opinion had changed after the experience.[25]


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