A Winter amid the Ice

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"A Winter amid the Ice"
A Winter Amid the Ice by Adrien Marie 07.jpg
Illustration by Adrien Marie (1874)
AuthorJules Verne
Original title"Un hivernage dans les glaces"
TranslatorGeorge Makepeace Towle; Abby L. Alger; Stephen William White
Genre(s)Adventure story
Published inMusée des familles
Publication typePeriodical
Media typePrint (magazine and hardback)
Publication date1855
Published in English1874

"A Winter amid the Ice" (French: Un hivernage dans les glaces) is an 1855 short adventure story by Jules Verne.[1]

The story was first printed in April–May 1855 in the magazine Musée des familles. It was later reprinted by Pierre-Jules Hetzel in the collection Doctor Ox (1874), as part of the Voyages Extraordinaires series.[2] Three English translations ("A Winter amid the Ice" by George Makepeace Towle, "A Winter Among the Ice-Fields" by Abby L. Alger, and "A Winter's Sojourn in the Ice" by Stephen William White) were published in 1874.[3]




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