Abell 1991

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Abell 1991
Observation data (Epoch J2000)
Right ascension 14h 54m 30.2s[1]
Declination+18° 37′ 51″[1]
Richness class1 [2]
Bautz–Morgan classificationI [2]
Redshift0.05870 (17 598)[1]
249 Mpc (812 Mly) h−1
ICM temperature2.61 keV[3]
Binding mass1.23×1014[3] M
X-ray flux(9.40 ± 16.7%)×1012 erg s−1 cm−2 (0.1–2.4 keV)[1]
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Abell 1991 is a galaxy cluster in the Abell catalogue.

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Coordinates: Sky map 14h 54m 30.2s, +18° 37′ 51″