Abu Halifa

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Abu Halifa
أبو حليفة
Abou Halifa
Abu Halifa is located in Kuwait
Abu Halifa
Abu Halifa
Location in Kuwait
Coordinates: 29°7′56″N 48°7′34″E / 29.13222°N 48.12611°E / 29.13222; 48.12611Coordinates: 29°7′56″N 48°7′34″E / 29.13222°N 48.12611°E / 29.13222; 48.12611
Country Kuwait
Governorate Al Ahmadi
Elevation 16 ft (5 m)

Abu Halifa or Abu Hulayfah or Abu Huleifa or Abu Haleifah (Arabic: أبو حليفة‎‎) is a small town in the Abu Halifa District of the Al Ahmadi Governorate in southern Kuwait and since this area was rich in small plants called "حنيفا Hanifa", the name arose. Abu Halifa is also a host to the Box Hill Institute of TAFE, the famous Kuwait Magic Mall and Sahel (Kuwaiti football club) Stadium. Abu halifa has everything from mosques, restaurants, parks, walking tracks, pharmacies to malls, beaches and schools. The Area is usually populated with majority of South Indians.

Abu Halifa Co-Operative society[edit]

The co-op society located near the Abu Halifa Police Station comprises some noteworthy stores like The Body Shop, Claire's and Payless along with the grocery section. It also has the bakery Saadeddin and Sable.

Recreation in Abu Halifa[edit]

Kuwait Magic Mall

Kuwait Magic Mall is a very good family mall with everything from indoor kids play area, a wide variety of restaurants like McDonald's, Zaatar, Shrimpy, KFC, Burger King etc. and a large variety of clothing stores. One of the main specialities of the mall is its outdoor play area, directed for a higher age group. It is one of the best outdoor recreational parks in Kuwait.[citation needed] The biggest attraction of the mall is its beautiful sandy beach. Kuwait Magic Mall was established in 2000, and covers an area of 2298 square metres in area. The area is divided into two blocks.


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