British Forces Aden

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British Forces Aden
Active 1928–1961
Country  United Kingdom
Branch  Royal Air Force

British Forces Aden was the name given to the British Armed Forces stationed in the Aden Protectorate during part of the 20th century. Their purpose was to preserve the security of the Protectorate from both internal threats and external aggression.


British Forces Aden was originally formed as Aden Command in 1928.[1] On its establishment, Aden Command was a Royal Air Force (RAF) command which was responsible for the control all British armed forces in the Protectorate. It was renamed British Forces in Aden, or simply British Forces Aden, in 1936 and renamed again in 1956 as British Forces Arabian Peninsula.[1] In 1959 Middle East Command was divided into two commands split by the Suez canal.[2] The two parts were British Forces Arabian Peninsular, which was based at Aden, and the rump of Middle East Command which was based in Cyprus and which on 1 March 1961 was renamed Near East Command.[2] In 1961 the command was renamed, again, this time as Middle East Command (Aden).[1] In 1967, following the British withdrawal from Aden at the end of the Emergency, the remaining British Forces in the Arabian Peninsula, including units at Salalah and Masirah, were reorganized under Headquarters British Forces Gulf,[1] which was based at RAF Muharraq in Bahrain.[3][4][5]


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