Agvarjin (Jonon) Khan

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Tugstumur khan (Uskhal)
Reign 1423-1452
Coronation 1452
Born 1423
Died 1452
House Borjigin
Father Adai Khan

Mongol king Agrvarjin Jonon Khan was born in 1423. He was Taisun Khan’s younger brother. He seized power and took the throne in 1452 and was murdered the same year.

He had conspired with Esen Taish of Oirad Aimag to dispatch Taisun. Meanwhile, Esen taish was intent upon assuming the Throne himself. He devised a strategy to Assassinate Agvarjin Jonon and his retinue. After Taisun's death, Agvarjin and Esen taish announced the crowning Ceremony, to be organized by Esen taish. On the assigned day, Agvarjin Jonon, his son Prince Kharkhutsag, and the Khan’s officers and lords arrived for the celebration. Esen taish had built a big white ger (circular tent) and assigned many guards. Receiving all guests near the ger, Esen taish’s officers escorted only Agvrjin Jonon and relatives into the main ger, ushering the other contingent into another ger. Shortly thereafter shouts echoed from the white ger and Blood soaked the side-walls.

Esen taish had dug a hole in the center of the main ger and concealed it with felt. (Traditionally Mongolians line the floor of the ger with felt for honored guests.) Once inside the ger, Agvarjin and his relatives were trapped in the pit, making easy targets for the guards. After all were dead, Esen taish’s soldiers filled up the hole.

Though Agvarjin Jonon’s son, Prince Kharkhutsag (father of Bayanmunkh Jonon) survived the bloodbath, he was poisoned during his flight to Tsagaadai King’s country.