Manduul Khan

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Manduul Khan
Khagan of the Mongols
Reign1475 – 1478
PredecessorMolon Khan
SuccessorDayan Khan
Died1478 (aged 39–40)
Full name
DynastyNorthern Yuan

Manduul Khan (Manduuluu, Manduyul or Manduyulun) (Mongolian Cyrillic: Мандуул хаан, 1438–1478), was the Mongol Khan of the Northern Yuan dynasty based in Mongolia, and he was the younger half-brother of Taisun Khan (Toghtoa Bukha or Toγtoγa Buqa).

Early life[edit]

After the death of his nephew Molon Khan, the position remain vacant for nearly a decade as warring Mongol clans fought each other for dominance. Manduul Khan was married to Yeke Qabar-tu, daughter of the Turfan-based warlord Beg-Arslan, sometime between 1463 and 1465.[1] The two disliked each other, and their marriage produced no children.[1] In 1464, he also married Mandukhai, who was only sixteen years old at the time.[1] It was not until 1475 that Manduul Khan was finally crowned as the new khan. Manduul is the earliest Mongol chief known to have actually headed the Chakhar myriarchy.[2]


During his short rule, Manduul Khan successfully strengthened the power of khan and reduced the power of nobles, and paved the way for his adopted son and great-grandnephew Dayan Khan (Batu Möngke) who succeeded him as Manduul Khan had no direct male heirs, and most sources report that he had no children at all.[3]

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Manduul Khan
 Died: 1475-1478
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Molon Khan
Khan of the Northern Yuan dynasty
Succeeded by
Dayan Khan