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Ahesta Boro (Persian: آهسته برو‎‎, literally "walk slowly", figuratively "walk graciously") is a musical composition played to welcome the bride and groom's entrance to the wedding hall in weddings in Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and parts of Pakistan. Usually the accompanied couple is walked slowly under the sanction of the Qur'an as the attending guests rise in honor of the holy book. This anthem is a very strong tradition in these marriage ceremonies. The song was originally a Kharabati song from Afghanistan.

-These are the lyrics to this traditional song

In qafelaye omor ajab megozarad

Ahesta boro, mahe man ahesta bero

Daryab dame ke ba tarab megozarad

Ahesta boro, mahe man ahesta bere

Saqi ghame farday harifan chi khori

Ahesta boro, mahe man ahesta bero

Pesh ar peyala ra ke shab megozarad

Ahesta boro, mahe man ahesta bero

Ahesta boro, sarwe rawan ahesta bero

Ahesta boro, dokhtar khan ahesta bero

Ay charkh falak kharbi az kinaye tust

Bedad gari shewaye dirinaye tust

Ay khak agar seenaye tu beshgafand

Bas gowhar qeemati dar seenaye tust

- See more at: http://www.afghansonglyrics.com/Artist/Lyrics/723/Ahesta-Bero-Mahe-Man#sthash.fRNHSjIF.dpuf

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