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Suit or suits may refer to:

  • Suit (clothing), a set of clothing with matching pieces, including at least a coat and trousers
  • Suit (cards), one of four groups into which a deck of cards is divided
  • Suit (law), an action brought before a court to recover a right or redress a grievance

Arts and media[edit]

Other uses[edit]

  • An informal term for a government agent or corporate employee (i.e., someone whose work attire usually consists of suits)
  • Pursuit of a love-interest, also called wooing or courtship

See also[edit]


  • Boilersuit, or coverall, a loose-fitting one-piece clothing
  • Diving suit, for use under water
    • Wetsuit, for use in warmer water
    • Dry suit, for use in colder water, or where hazardous chemicals may be encountered
  • Jumpsuit, a one-piece clothing with sleeves and legs
  • Snowsuit
  • Space suit, for use in outer space
  • Swimsuit, a clothing for use in water sports or sunbathing
  • Environmental suit, a clothing used for a particular activity or environment

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