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Air de Paris
Established 1990
Location 32, rue Louise Weiss, FR-75013 Paris, France
Director Florence Bonnefous & Edouard Merino

Air de Paris is a contemporary art gallery owned and directed by Florence Bonnefous and Edouard Merino, now located in Paris, France.


Air de Paris was established 1990 in Nice by Florence Bonnefous and Edouard Merino,[1] who attended the Ecole du Magasin[2] in Grenoble together. In 1994, Air de Paris relocated to Paris, first at a location on rue des Haudriettes, then on rue Louise Weiss. The name "Air de Paris" was a tribute to Marcel Duchamp and his readymade 50cc of Paris Air.[citation needed]

At the beginning, there was Les Ateliers du Paradise[3] with Philippe Perrin, Pierre Joseph and Philippe Parreno: the exhibition conceived like a movie in real time, that will last for a summer, transforming the gallery into a photogenic space. Paul McCarthy, Lily van der Stokker, Jean-Luc Verna among others participate to the reputation of the Nicean formula.

Currently,[when?] Air de Paris represents established practicing artists such as Philippe Parreno, Liam Gillick, Rob Pruitt, Trisha Donnelly, Bruno Serralongue; historically important artists such as Guy de Cointet, Dorothy Iannone, and Allen Ruppersberg; and emerging artists such as Leonor Antunes, Stephane Dafflon, and Aaron Flint Jamison.[citation needed]


Work of the following artists has been exhibited:[citation needed]


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