Airport (1993 film)

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Directed by Joshiy
Produced by G. Padmavathi
Written by Gokula Krishna & Guna
Screenplay by S. N. Swamy
Story by S. N. Swamy
Starring Sathyaraj
M. G. Soman
Music by S. P. Venkatesh
Cinematography Jayanan Vincent
Edited by K. K. Balan
Madhu Films International
Distributed by Madhu Films International
Release date
  • 9 December 1993 (1993-12-09)
Country India
Language Tamil

Airport is a 1993 Tamil action film directed by Joshi and written by S. N. Swamy. It features Sathyaraj in the main lead along with Gauthami pairing with him. It is a different type of movie with no songs. It received positive review from the critics.[2] Malayalam actor M. G. Soman played the main villain.


Sathyaraj is a pilot,who works in Indian airlines who fly only government planes. Once a M.P.(villain) calls him and says him that his daughter who have gone tour to Karachi along with her friends were not able to return due to political issues, M.P ask him to bring his daughter safely and Sathyaraj agrees it. He drives a private helicopter to Karachi to bring back her and he succeeds in it. Sathyaraj unknowingly lefts his Flying license in the helicopter. This is noticed and he is arrested by Nassar the police officer, Sathyaraj's widowed mother & his sister begs the police not to arrest. Nassar files him case on terrorist activity & weapons handling.

Sathyaraj is released after 2 years, once while walking with Gautami he sees one of the terrorists whom he had seen while traveling with him in Karachi. While chasing him in the streets of Mumbai he finds his sister. His,sister turned mute after the arrest of her brother & her mother who dies on the incident. Finally Sathyaraj plans to expose the M.P to the public red handily, but the situation becomes worse the M.P who takes Gautami & his sister as hostages. Finally Sathyaraj fights & wins over him, movie ends with Sathyaraj returning as a pilot.



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