Al Unser Jr. Arcade Racing

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Al Unser Jr. Arcade Racing
Windows version cover
Developer(s)Mindscape Bordeaux
Director(s)Thierry Robin
Producer(s)Nicolas Gaume
  • Gabriel Rabhi
  • Philippe Bachelet
  • Daniel Mike Polydore
Composer(s)Frédéric Motte
Platform(s)Windows, Mac OS
ReleaseSeptember 7, 1995[1]
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer

Al Unser Jr. Arcade Racing is a racing computer video game for the Windows and Mac OS operating systems, released in 1995 by French publisher Mindscape and developed by its subsidiary, Mindscape Bordeaux.[2]


The game allows a selection of 10 open wheel cars and 15 tracks. There are three racing options that the player can choose; circuit (with the tracks going in numerical order being chosen automatically by the computer), time limit trial (where the player has to race in a time limit, but go through checkpoints in order to get extended time. However, unlike the circuit race, the player can choose their own track), and a simple practice course where the player and their car race solo.


Al Unser Jr. Arcade Racing was a commercial hit, with sales of 1 million units by May 1998.[4]

Computer Gaming World gave the game 3 out of 5 stars. They praised its graphics and gameplay but thought there was not enough depth to keep players interested in the game.[2]

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